Image: @kensingtonpalace

Image: @kensingtonpalace

Obvs Meghan Markle had to jump through a whole load of hoops before she was able to marry into the Royal family, but surely a fertility test takes the biscuit?

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You know yourself, you get a new fella and all anyone wants to take about is marriage. You get married and all anyone wants to know is when you're going to have a baby. But your future in-laws asking you to take a fertility test before that allow the marriage is going a step too far no?

We get that chatting about the future before trying the knot is a good idea. And to be honest knowing where you're at on the fertility scale isn't the worst idea in the world either. After all information breeds power, but to have that chat with your inlaws before the marriage can be 'signed off' is all sorts of cray cray. 

However, reports in Four Nine suggest that the former Suits actress had her fertility 'tested' before Kensington Palace would 'sign off' her marriage to the most eligible bachelor around.

The publication claims that the couple had to discuss Meghan's fertility with the palace before they were hubby and wife too.

But then again, according to an E! report published in 2011, inside sources have claimed that Kensington Palace went as far as to test Princess Diana's virginity when she married Prince Charles in 1981.

Glad we didn't fall for a prince then! 

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