Meghan Markle is  turning to yoga to help combat the physical side effects that come with the early stages of pregnancy - and her newfound jet lag. 

The Duchess revealed her fondness for a stretch at 4.30am, when both bump and her body clock are making her feel restless. 

The 37-year-old told mental health advocacy group in Sydney that the practice has been "so good for healing" her mind.

Unsurprisingly - the LA native's mother is a yoga teacher after all.

Markle previously said that she started attending 'mommy and me' yoga classes with her mum as a seven-year-old, but she didn't find her love for the practice until her college years.

While "exercising" during and immediately after pregnancy is a divisive topic, small, considerate, and gentle movement is perfectly fine.

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According to the experts at, yoga can enhance pregnancy as it both boots energy, while promoting strength, confidence, and balance.

"Yoga also helps to open up the pelvis before the birth and recover good muscle tone after it," their website reads.

"Not everyone always feels like they are “glowing” during their pregnancy, and may suffer from nausea and some general discomfort from time to time. Pregnancy yoga helps to relieve those aches and pains that are caused from your ever changing physical shape, and can also help to combat morning sickness."

Yoga is also a great way to practice different breathing techniques - which will benefit on the birthing day.

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