A high-street sendoff

A high-street sendoff

So, definitely not still Meg From the Block then, but we guess that's what happens when you get catapulted to fame. 

Initially, we weren't sure if Meghan Markle's love for the finer things in life were a personal choice, or something prescribed to her when she married into the most famous family in the world. But it turns out, Meghan's expensive taste was born long before she and Harry's paths ever crossed. 

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“I recently read that the culture of fashion has changed from where it was once ‘cool to be cruel’ to now where it is ‘cool to be kind’. I feel especially proud to announce tonight’s winner, who is a British designer leading on the global stage with vision and creativity, but also with incredible kindness.” – The Duchess of Sussex presents @clarewaightkeller with her award for British Designer of the Year - Womenswear at the @britishfashioncouncil Fashion Awards. The award recognised Clare Waight Keller’s formidable contribution as a British fashion designer to the industry this year and was decided by a panel of over 2,000 international industry experts. Clare is the Creative Director of International fashion house @givenchyofficial.

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Pre the days of ‘The Meghan Effect’ the former actress gushed over her Suits character's classy clothes and even made it to the frow at New York Fashion Week.

But like most of us, her financial situation didn't always allow her to afford the designer-laden lifestyle that we now come to associate with the Duchess of Sussex. 

Mehan Markle in 2012.

According to Vanity Fair, when the once-Deal or No Deal suitcase girl nabbed herself a permanent role on Suits,'she threw a party at her home unofficially billed as a ‘Sayonara Zara’ party' in Los Angeles and gave away the fast-fashion items in her wardrobe to guests. 

Meghan, we see you girl! 

Meghan in 2015.

Playing Rachel Zane, Meghan was not only catapulted to fame, but the sizable salary obviously paid well enough to support her passion for well-made, ethically-produced and good quality clothes too. 

Now a member of the British Royal family, a salary isn't something Meghan needs to concern herself with, but apparently, she does still get royalties from old Suits episodes, which we're sure is a nice little money earner.

Of course, the Duchess still wears high-street items from time to time, but we can't deny we wouldn't do something similar if/when we made it big. Oh, a girl can dream! 

Also, v. impressed with the bash's punny name.... wonder what we could call ours? 

Open to suggestions, so far we've got: 

The Penneys Parting? 

Hasta La Vista H&M? 

Adios ASOS? 

Never More New Look? 

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