Surprising, considering the Duchess of Sussex's style and given how close the Beckhams are to the royal family. 

As the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle basically has her pick of the bunch when it comes to her wardrobe choices and you might be of the thinking that one of Victoria Beckham’s designs would be a perfect fit for the newest member of the royal family, but apparently not, according to Meghan herself. 

Speaking to Glamour, in an old, but recently unearthed interview, Meghan revealed that she's never wear one of the designer's dresses. But in the Duchess' defence, she seems to have good reason.

Meghan went on to explain that her feelings weren't coming from any bad blood and that she had utmost respect for the British designer, but that it was her own body shape that prevents her from finding the VB dress of her dreams. 

She said, “Now what I'm starting to learn is, even though things look amazing on the hanger, it doesn't mean they're going to look amazing on me. For example, I love Victoria Beckham dresses, but I don't have the long torso to support that silhouette.”

Even Meghan Markle has her own body hang-ups, phew! 

"On a normal day, I love a shift dress with flats and a little cropped jacket," she said. "That for me is my travel wear if it's not too chilly — you can throw a scarf over your legs if it's cold on the plane! On the show [Suits] I wear things that are so body conscious, so it's nice to have things that are a little easier to breathe in. As I've gotten older, I like longer dresses, but my legs come up to my ears and I'm not very tall, so when I wear a short skirt I've got to be really conscious."

While the Duchess happily wore a Victoria Beckham knit jumper in her engagement photos with Prince Harry, her avoiding the typically waist-focused dress designs does make more sense. 

But as Victoria and Meghan get to know each other better, maybe Markle can twist VB's arm into designing her some maternity wear, at the very least.

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