Oh dear.

First lady Melania Trump was left standing alone as President Trump appeared to momentarily forget her outside of the White House while greeting Czech Republic Prime Minister Andrej Babis and his wife Monika Babisova this week. 

Seemingly unsurprised by the snub, Melania shrugged to the woman beside her as if to say 'Oh, Donald', and the nation gasped in horror. 

In the video posted by Politico, one can see the Trumps awaiting the Prime Minister's arrival.

The foursome greets each other accordingly and then Trump and Babis promptly turn to go inside. This, of course, leaves Melania Trump and Monika Babisova to fend for themselves.

It's quite clear from their reactions that the women did not expect this particular bit of choreography. Melania even goes so far as to walk around the group so that they can more easily get into a straight line and walk in together like they're doing a curtain call on a Broadway show.

Oh, Donald. 

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