Handshakes, chain restaurants, diamonds are just a few of things brutally slaughtered by Millennials. Ask any baby boomer and watch them great joy in explaining how we're killing all that's sacred with our newfangled technology and ethically sourced, all-natural consumerism. But, what is escaping the youthful, murderous grips of our generation though, is romance, rather shockingly. 

Here are 4 signs that prove romance is alive and well. 

According to research conducted by online dating site Match, single millennials say they want romance and are motivated to find it...despite being so busy spending all their money on avocado toast. 

Foreva, Foreva Eva

Those Disney fairytales we grew up on did us cold. 54% of singles surveyed believed in love at first, and 89% of singles were sure it is possible to stay married to the same person forever.

Work Hard on What's Important 

We're not the stone-hearted, workaholics we're made out to be. 71% of men and 67% of women agreed that having a happy relationship is more important than their job/career, while 56% of the singles Match asked said their job is just to pay the bills.

True Romantics, Guilty as Charged

While we know there are all sorts of modern updates on the traditional, Millennials still have rings, picket fences and babies on our brains. 51% of men and 49% of women had imagined a future together while on the first date.

The Long Game

Non-millennials might argue that our online dating habits are really superficial, but over half of the singletons in the survey said they have fallen in love with someone they didn’t initially find attractive. So, while our profile pics are important it's really all about there fire memes that you follow up with. 

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