Miss Fit Skinny Teas Are No More Following Misleading Labelling Issues


The company has filed for liquidation. 

An Irish weight loss company that sold products known as 'Skinny' teas and coffees has closed down following a dispute with the Food Safety Authority Ireland (FSAI) over misleading labelling. 

Miss Fit Enterprises – who marketed their products as “a magic potion for weight-loss success” – was issued a Prohibition Order served under the EC (Official Control of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 2010 back in February.

All batches of Miss Fit Skinny Tea, Miss Fit Skinny Tea Max, Miss Fit Slimming Coffee 14 Day Fat Burning Instant Coffee and Miss Fit Skinny Coffee Max were recalled due to “incorrect, misleading and ambiguous” labelling, according to the notice.

“Among the labelling breaches are health claims that are not authorised and are therefore misleading to the consumer," the FSAI wrote. 

"Food wholesalers and distributors are requested to withdraw the listed products from the market. Retailers are requested to remove the products from sale and inform their customers."

Owner and founder of Miss Fit Enterprises Ruth Hetherington took to Facebook to share the news of the closure, mentioning that the recent media attention "obviously hasn't helped matters."

"This week we made the extremely difficult and sad decision to close our business. Unfortunately, the business has taken a downturn over the last few months and is no longer sustainable," she wrote. 

"The events of this week obviously haven’t helped matters. I’d like to thank you all for your support over the last 4 years. I’ve loved every minute. Ruth x"

The FSAI order noted that the names of the products that were ultimately recalled were “not an appropriately descriptive name” and were labelled as food supplements without satisfying the authority’s definition of such a product.

It concluded that the product’s labelling posed “significant non-compliance with food safety legislation and will or is likely to pose an unacceptable health risk to consumers”.

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