You’ll be a Shepard or a sheep today, Gemini.



Aries, don’t be tempted to suppress your creativity this Monday and artistic traits. Many other people would be ever so grateful to have what you possess, so don’t let it go to waste. Look out for ways in which you can use this.


While you may have everything completed off your to-do list, it’s likely lots of people are fighting against the clock. Therefore if you can afford the time, why not use it to give someone a helping hand? Good gestures always come back around eventually.


Gemini you will probably be either one of two things this Monday; a leader who will spend their time making sure others are doing what they’re supposed to, or someone who will have to be continually on their toes!


Spare a thought for the people around you this Monday Cancer as you may have been acting a little selfish lately. Don’t be too hard on yourself about it however, but remember to be a little more generous and sensitive in the future.


Leo, today there is a big chance that you will be someone whom others will turn to when they have a problem or need some advice on an issue they’re having. Don’t let other people’s worries becomes yours as well though.


It may not be such a bad idea to plan ahead a little more today Virgo and to have an idea f where you would like to be in the years to come. If your current situation does not provide you with many opportunities to achieve this then maybe consider doing something about it!


Libra, it would be wise to take some time out this Monday to work on some of the things that have been causing you worry and concern recently. Perhaps there is actually a reasonable solution to the problem, which has been causing you so many sleepless nights.


You’ll be glad to know that other people will respect your privacy and wishes to not publicise everything about yourself this Monday. Finding people whom you can actually trust is not that common, so you will be glad to know that you’re friends are keepers!


Sagittarius, stop sitting around doing nothing and complaining of always being bored; today is the perfect opportunity for you to get a group of friends together and organize a fun activity. Maybe a weekend away is what everyone needs?


While people don’t take too kindly to show offs and know-it-alls, this Monday you may be surprised by the amount of people who are impressed with what you have to share with them. If you’re given a task you will not stop until it is finished completely.


Aquarius, don’t allow someone else to make you buckle under the pressure this Monday and end up regretting it at a later stage. If you feel like something is the right thing to do, then be proud of your beliefs. You may surprise others with your strength and conviction.


This Monday looks like it’s going to be a good one for you Pisces; your hard work and dedication will finally be acknowledged and you will be very thankful for this. However, be careful that you do not over do it; there are only so many hours in a day!