Get things off your mind today, Sagittarius.



Regardless of how much you dislike group tasks and how much you prefer to work alone and to your own standards, this Monday Aries should consider involving other people in their projects a little more. This may be something as simple as getting a second opinion, but it could make a big difference.


Taurus, today is a good day to simply be you! You will enjoy being in social situations and having the opportunity to chat to some interesting, and maybe even inspiring people. These people are likely to have a similar outlook on life as your own which will help make conversation flow seamlessly.


Even though you try your best, unfortunately Gemini people will not think your conversation skills are one of your best qualities. Don’t worry though, you have plenty of better attributes that people will think fondly of, such as your ability to always be a reliable person.


Cancer, try and get outside in the fresh air for a while today; even if it’s just for a short stroll it will heal to clear your head and make you feel more awake! If an argument with a close friend or someone who means a lot to you is still bothering you, then perhaps you should talk things through with them once more.


Having the ability to talk to strangers and being confident enough to address a room full of people is something that not everyone Is able to do, therefore don’t let this skill go to waste today Leo. Look for ways an opportunities in which you can use and indeed improve on this.


Virgo, you may not be in the mood for big gatherings or events that will see you having to make small talk to people you’re not entirely comfortable around. Details which other people may not even remember, are the ones which will be very important to you. Although, if you feel like getting something off your chest than now is the time to do it.


Don’t be too surprised if you’re not feeling like your usual self this Monday and things which usually come naturally to you, will be much more difficult to get a hand on today. There’s a chance it will take a few days for you to feel like yourself again so don’t start panicking!


Scorpio, things may not be as they seem this Monday Scorpio, so instead of automatically going with your first reaction when you see or hear something today, take a few minutes to calm down and get the proper information you need. Don’t get involved in other peoples business!


If there are certain things that have been on your mind and are beginning to trouble you, then maybe you need to talk things through with some friends. If that doesn’t work then consider chatting to an elder. It might sound different but they may give you the best advice!


Capricorn, it’s likely you will have a tendency to tell people what they want to hear, rather than say what’s really on your mind, as you don’t wish to cause a fuss. This is OK in certain circumstances, however don’t feel that you do not have the right to be yourself and be honest.


You may discover as the day goes on that the things you say and the advice you give to people, are the exact steps they end up taking. Use this power of influence to do some god, and possibly even make a big difference to someone. Over time people will be able to than you in their own way.


Pisces, you will be able to read people very clearly this Monday and – without them even having to tell you – you will have a good idea of what exactly it is, that is bothering them. Be careful that you do not become to trusting of a person who may not be all they seem to be.