Be clever with your time today, Cancer.


Something may happen throughout the day this Monday where you will find yourself having to think very carefully before you make your next move. This will no doubt be helpful, however don’t end up overthinking every single thing you do from now on.


Taurus, regardless of your thoughts and views on a particular situation., in order to at least be polite and considerate of others, it would be a good idea for Taurus to make an effort to listen to other people’s opinions and ideas. This will help them to do the same for you in future.


Unfortunately, it seems as though this Monday will mean a pretty stressful start to your week Gemini, whereby you’re likely to have a lot going on and will be racing against the clock to get it all done on time. Try not to let other people’s bad moods rub off on you.


Cancer, why not save yourself some time this Monday and try and get whatever tasks and errands you have lined up for the day, done form the comfort of your own home? Consider looking into other ways where you could save yourself some time and money too.


Today Leo will more than likely experience an element of uncertainty in their life; this could be about an insecurity within themselves or it could also have something to do with a comment a friend has made. If you’re hoping for a change, then make it happen for yourself!


Virgo, while you may be independent thinking and not one to rely on or need, for the matter, the approval of others, today it could actually be very beneficial for you to listen carefully to what they have to say. You never know, it might mean making some changes but these could also be for the better.


Even though you’re pretty thick skinned and do not get offended easily by what people say to you, spare a thought for any people in your life who are a bit more sensitive and may not see the funny side in every situation. Learning more about how people interact with one another will also be an interesting topic to you.


Scorpio, you may need to hold off on some of your socialising this Monday and pay a little bit more attention to the important things in your life. However the chances are you will actually welcome this break from going out, and the idea of spending an evening with your feet up sounds just perfect!


Be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you this Monday Sagittarius; if you have a bit of a fiery tamper and tend to get very worked up about things that really aren’t all that big of a deal, then perhaps today this is something you could aim to improve on.


Capricorn, stick to what you low suits you and what your good at today. If you get a little carried away and try to show of to friends and family, then things may start to go downhill very quickly. Don’t give people a reason to find fault with you.


What you do and the things you’ll say this Monday will depend largely on the people whose company you find yourself in throughout the day. Perhaps you could get some advice from the people in your life whom you think really highly of?


Pisces, you seem to be very good at dealing with more than one thing at a time, so if possible this Monday, try to lend your skill set to a friend or someone who could use this sort of discipline in their lives! Don’t take on any major tasks just yet though.