Take a break from everyday life and pamper yourself Libra. 



Some of the day’s trials and tribulations will begin to get a little too much for you Aries and you might start to feel slightly overwhelmed with all that you have going on. However you should relax in the knowledge that you can handle whatever is thrown at you. A good way to gather ideas is by listening to the suggestions of other people – they may surprise you with what they have to say.


Taurus’ creative ideas and artistic streak might just turn out to be a lot more lucrative than you had anticipated. Challenges will be tackled calmly and efficiently today, so that you will have some time later on in the day to spend doing the things you enjoy. Your lucky nature will be particularly evident today so you would be wise to make the most of this while you have the opportunity.


You will be inclined to be yourself now more so than ever today Gemini and other people will not be able to influence you. Equally your natural ability to put people at ease will work a charm (as usual). Gemini’s habit of putting a brave face on things even when they are really feeling the opposite will become present and this may be a sign that its about time you address the issues that are really bothering you.


Today Cancer will seek out comfort and relaxation, most likely in a place that is familiar to them. You might also decide that your home could do with a little bit of a spruce up – this is a good idea (even if you don’t own the place) as it will make the whole atmosphere more comfortable. Try not to spend too much time worrying about the things you have no control over; they may never happen and you’ll loose lots of time worrying unnecessarily.


The morning time and the early hours of today will be the busiest for you today Leo as you will have to juggle all of your responsibilities – work, home, family and personal duties. An unexpected incident may throw you off your train of thought, however your quick thinking will get you out of a pinch. You will be very passionate about an idea or new project you are hoping to work on.


If you’re into your beauty products Virgo, then you’ll be glad to know that today is the perfect time to invest in such things – especially if you have expensive taste and a penchant for designer brands. If you have any shopping to catch up on now is also a favourable time to do so as you may just find the perfect gift for someone special. Don’t try to hide how you’re really feeling – it’s much healthier to be honest.


Today you should give yourself a rest from the usual mundane everyday chores and instead indulge in a spot of pampering. This could be something as simple as reading a good book or going all out and booking yourself in for a spa day. Why not give yourself a bit of an image overhaul? It could make all the difference to how you look, but also how you feel.


Do your best to create a happy atmosphere in your home as it will benefit not only the people around you but also you, yourself. If you feel that perhaps you haven’t been as friendly to others lately because you’ve had other things on your mind, then today can be your new beginning where you start as you mean to go on.


The start of the day, along with the evening hours are the best time to engage in social events or casual meetings. Your ability to turn a situation around for the better and to try and make peace between others will be tested today but you will do your best to help matters. The evening time will be a welcome break from the events of the day and as a result you may be a little more cautious than usual.


Your usually calm and cheerful persona will in fact be the opposite today and you may feel pretty down about things. This might be because you have been worrying about various issues lately and it is beginning to affect you. If possible try to not worry about the things you have no control over or cannot change. On a brighter note, the most important relationships in your life look like they will be pretty harmonious.


Aquarius should enjoy this Monday in the company of friends and family, but most importantly make sure you are enjoying yourself. Meeting new acquaintances or taking part in interesting conversations will come naturally to you and – feel lucky that interacting with new people is a lot easier for you than it is for most. Listen carefully to the things that people tell you throughout the day because some of the information you receive will be of use at a later date.


You will be determined, eager and full of enthusiasm today Pisces and this will help you to go after the things you want! Dedication and the obligation will be the things pushing you forwards. Even though your mind will be focused on progress, you will still be able to make time for friends and family and they are sure to have a brilliant time in your company!