Resist the urge to make future plans today, Leo. 



Aries it looks like today will be a very special one for you, especially if you happen to have been born in the month of March. If you had planned to try something new today like a hobby or perhaps even a new project that you’ve had in mind for a while, it’s probably a better idea to begin these at another time. Whatever it is that you end up spending your time on throughout the day it will say a lot about your personality and the type of person you are.


Unfortunately for you Taurus, today doesn’t seem like it will hold many certainties and you may be left feeling a little bit on edge as a result. Try not to be taken with fantasy and allow it to lead you astray because reality is very different indeed. It’s not wise to bury your head in the sand; you should accept that things don’t remain the same forever and adapt to the changes that follow.


Gemini may begin to experience, or indeed have already been experiencing, lots of developments in their workplace or home life, then they should relax in the knowledge that these changes are generally for the better. As a result, it’s a good thing that your ability to adapt to your current situation remains strong. While there may be a few stumbling blocks along the way, the path ahead seems to be suiting you pretty well.


If your work concerns you dealing with or handling large sums of money or even if financial affairs are popping up in your personal life, then it would be wise for Cancer to avoid these matters for the time being. Your down-to-earth attitude and practical nature, while usually extremely beneficial, may not be as evident today. Don’t mistake something you imagine for the real thing.


Leo, you will find it very hard to stop yourself from making plans for yourself for the years ahead as you will be completely focused on moving forwards in a positive way. While it’s not absolutely crucial that you don’t do this, making actual concrete plans is most definitely ill-advised.


Virgo should try very hard to get the more personal aspects of their life and important relationships sorted out today while they have the opportunity, especially if this relationship is a romantic one. This may include things such as intellectual or spiritual concerns. While you might try very hard to be as independent as possible, if you continue to work alone then you may not have anyone to share your success with.


Libra, you might be in for quite an exciting day that will be incredibly special for either yourself or someone you are very close to, like your partner or spouse. Any Libra’s who were born in the month of September will have to be very determined this evening and not let other people allow them to be coerced. A big decision requires an answer and the pressure lies with you.


Scorpio would be wise to keep in mind that you don’t just achieve success; instead it has to be worked for and is hard earned. Having a particular goal or target in mind is always a good incentive to have something to work towards. Look out for people who will be able to help you and give you advice along the way. However a clear indication of what each party’s role will be is absolutely necessary.


This could be the day that something exciting and exhilarating takes place in your life, so make sure you don’t let it pass you by without really making the most of the opportunity. Your current personal circumstances as well as your career are about to experience a change also. The possibility of an obstacle standing in your way of achieving something is possible.


Your main concern throughout the day and indeed over the next few days will be to make sure things within your household, and more importantly within your family, are running smoothly. This will take up the majority of your attention today so it might be a good idea to get any pressing tasks or immediate chores out of the way early so that they are not distracting you.


The hard work and immense effort you have been putting in lately is paying off and as a result relations between you and your other half are going really well and will continue to improve in the days ahead. Someone you are close to, whom you seem to be having a lot of trouble communicating properly with lately will begin to cool off a bit and they will be more open to compromise also.


As tempting as it may be to get swept up in the romance and excitement of a fantasy world, you should always endeavour to remain realistic in your schemes. Otherwise there is a chance that you will loose touch with what really matters and what is really of no consequence to you in your life whatsoever.