Seek some good advice, Libra.

Morning is the time for the unexpected. You may be the source of some unexpected moments; for example, you may offer your management some unique solution for a professional problem. Matters of career, profession and social status are quite urgent now. If you were born in March, you may strongly reject an idea of following someone else’s rules.

The events you have planned will not always go according to the original intent and at times, they will completely push the schedule limits. Nonetheless, any unexpected surprises will eventually prove advantageous to you.

When it comes to material, property and professional matters, you should try to focus your attention on shared funds, affairs, resources and opportunities first and foremost. Today you are inclined to make your personal income and savings a priority. You may also emphasize your talents and skills which may be misinterpreted by your partners.

People around you will pay attention to your words, but, alas, this will not mean they will fully share your opinion on every subject. Arguments with your partner, manager, relative or consultant are quite probable. This is not the best moment for performing in front of the audience.

It will not be easy for the Lions to beneficially get a practical use out of new perspectives. When trying to walk an attractive path, you may get surprised as to why, as if from nowhere, obstacles just keep popping up. September 26, 2016, is a day of practical contemplations and meticulous work.

Don’t make your loved ones victims of your unconventional new ideas. Instead, listen to what their common sense advises and take it one notch down; have a slightly different look at the novelties you find so attractive.

Before you make a final decision and get down to implementing a genius idea, Libra should try to turn to its parents, household members, experienced colleagues or older, wiser people for advice. As a result, your enthusiasm may subside a bit. In your turn, you will be able to avoid unexpected disappointment and mistakes.

There may be unforeseen changes in your life philosophy. You may completely betray your former beliefs. Today overly idealistic views as well as an emotional approach to burning problems are not plausible.


You may take unconventional steps in a financial, professional or political sphere as well as in the fields of property and business management. September 26, 2016, is a suitable day if you want to take a risk and are ready to come face-to-face with the most amazing surprise.

It is hard to say who will be the one to say the final word: you or your opponents. Your strength will be in your ability to sense contemporary trends, manage time, understand business matters and have a burning desire to satisfy your personal needs. However, your opponents will also have some advantages: oratory skills, charisma and self-confidence.

If you think you are all-mighty and your perspective ideas will be welcomed in any society, you should undertake a concrete project or at least run your intentions by those with the relative experience. You will quickly realize that your ideas are somewhat raw and at times completely detached from reality.

It is advisable for the Fishes to look at their creative path, love life and kids’ future from an angle that will be diametrically opposite to the one suggested by their intuition. Your heart may tell you one thing, but your mind and experience may be prompting you to a completely different thing.