Compromise is key for you today, Gemini.

Individual creativity will prove the most successful today. If you can afford self-expression without looking back at others’ opinion, one can only envy you. You may be lucky in your personal life, victorious in some competition, and successful in business.

There may be unexpected restrictions and temporary difficulties. The more closely your interests are intertwined with others and the farther you are away from home, the more likely they are. Choose this day if you need to tackle a unique obstacle.


Today starts do not recommend you seek a legal, scientific, or any other consultation. Mutual understanding with people around you will be easy to achieve in the course of some active shared work. It is not desirable to look for a mentor, teacher, patron, or exclusive partner.
The day’s demands are conflicting. Whatever you do, you will have to put in much effort and be prepared to look at things broadly. Your knowledge, education, and experience will be applied to practice and most likely in the conditions that can’t be described as simple.

This is a perfect time for energetic activities. Today you will have to inevitably take difficult circumstances in consideration. But you should not refuse a chance to showcase your talents, leadership skills, and available knowledge because of this.

It will be hard to give the changes that are taking place in Virgo’s life an unambiguous evaluation. The chances are positive and negative features will be in balance. You may be prone to an overly gloomy perception of things, especially if you were born in the middle of September.

There may be conflicts with law enforcement, official organisations, and people from other cities and countries. The likelihood of such turn of events is higher if you are on the road, spend much time in social interaction, or build your career.

If you have decided to increase your educational or professional level, restore justice, and improve your financial position, you may then run into both fortunate and unfortunate circumstances. It may be difficult to focus and choose the only right course of action.

You are very likely to make the old mistake on August 29, 2016. You may run into the old conservative system of minor rules and set of restrictions necessitated by your professions, social or family status, origin, and education.

You should not rely on others’ support. You may face a direct refusal as well as misinterpretation of your principles, words, directives, and secret desires. Don’t be looking for legal advice or professional consultation; neither should you go on a business trip or a journey.

You may get disappointed in someone on August 29, 2016. It is possible that your trust level towards some official organisation or informal society will go down. Because of today’s events, you may partially lose your faith in some ideals, principles, or unique ideas which have been supporting you and your confederates for quite some time.

You should think of your successes more often; otherwise, you may experience melancholy and develop a low self-esteem. Today you may have strong doubts about the goal you’ve set and your own ability to achieve it.