Tell people how you really feel today, Scorpio.



Aries don’t be too quick to loose your cool today or say something you’ll end up regretting at a later stage. I someone or something has really annoyed you then it’s best to take a few minutes to calm down before completely overreacting!


If you’ve noticed that you have been acting more and ore selfish recently than you would normally be like, then perhaps doing something for someone else might help you to snap out of this mood? While you’re generally a very dependable person, you don’t always have to say yes.


Gemini, perhaps you’ve felt as though you’re not in a good position to rally express yourself or tell someone how you feel recently. If this is the case, then keep an eye out for an opportunity to get everything you have been holding in, off your chest once and for all.


Regardless of how close you and a family member once were, you may realise today Cancer that this seems to have faded away somewhat. Even if someone if family, all relationships require some work! Maybe a good heart-to-heart would do the both of you some good.


Leo, while your strong personality and outspoken nature is something others admire most of the time, today it has the potential to get on a few people’s nerves. Even though you don’t mean to offend, try to be a little more careful abut what you say.


By nature, final touches and small details (that most people may not even notice) are things which are extremely important to you Virgo. Therefore, don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t notice something that you’ve spent a lot of time working on.


Libra, you may not be feeling yourself today and therefore don’t push yourself too hard. If you feel as though you could benefit from a little break then this s exactly what you should do! Some things in life aren’t fair, and right mow you may just have to accept things as they are.


This Monday may well be the day when you finally decide you’ve had enough of keeping quite and holding your tongue Scorpio. However be cautious when finally venting your feelings as it may seems a little harsh to others.


Sagittarius, you will be very precise and honest about things this Monday. This will apply to both the tasks you decide to work on and the people you come in contact with. Perhaps you have a big event approaching and haven’t had time to properly prepare; don’t panic though, form a plan and execute!


You’ll be full of wise words and won’t be short of wisdom that you can pass onto friends today Capricorn. Perhaps someone who hasn’t necessarily respected your opinion in the past will change their tune this Monday.


Aquarius, this Monday make the best start to the week that you can by meeting new people and avoid confrontation wherever possible. Other people may try to rile you up and make you angry, but try to be the bigger person in these situations and simply walk away.


Some change will do you the world of good this Monday Pisces, this may be simply taking an unexpected trip or even going for a long walk in a relaxing area. Don’t let a small bump in the road get in the way of achieving something great; it’s all about the bigger picture.