Consider getting expert advice if money is an issue, Taurus. 



This Monday is a good time to go on a long journey or to take care of any plans that need finalising for a trip you are planning to take. If you are considering taking part in some form of sporting activity or a competition that requires physical exercise, then your odds of doing well are looking good. Fortunately, the people who have gone against you recently are beginning to agree with you.


If money worries have been on your mind lately then it is worth investing in some expert help to figure things out before they get out of hand. Assuming there is someone whose judgement you trust and decisions you admire, then maybe you should look to them as a form of role model. Things in your social life are beginning to pick up and it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be looking forward to a rest.


Group work or a project that requires you to compromise with other people is rarely smooth sailing; therefore keeping your head down and doing all that is required of you are the key things to remember. Steer clear of bickering with your other half by looking for more productive ways to solve any disagreements that may arise. Avoid rushing into something unless you have it well sussed out beforehand.


Improving how we feel and making sure we are at our healthiest, should be a priority so consider making some changes for the better today, Cancer.  These changes don’t have to be too drastic; even some light exercise will be helpful! Perhaps you have been a little preoccupied with other matters lately and have not spent enough quality time with the people you love. It’s worth checking in with them to make sure they are ok.


Just because you have been a little under the weather lately doesn’t mean that you should take a back seat where your exercise regime is concerned. If you don’t feel up to completing your usual routine, then start out easy and do what you can. It is ok if you and the people you are close to do not always agree on the choices you make; try not to fret about it though, because no doubt you don’t always approve of their actions either.


The work and excitement surrounding your home life doesn’t look like it will begin to slow down anytime soon, Virgo. You could surprise yourself with the ease in which you do something new and unusual. Family and friends will be in good spirits and this refreshing energy will be contagious, and very encouraging to you.


Any excursions or long journeys that you have been meaning to take are looking favourable for today, Libra. It might sound unusual, but making contact with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time, such as an old teacher, could be very insightful if you are having difficulty putting something together and require additional information.


You may value your career now, more so than ever before Scorpio, as your position within the workplace could greatly work to your advantage today. Perhaps someone from your past may be able to offer you some support or assistance in some way. Any attempts you make to improve your financial situation or to create supplementary earnings look like they will be successful.


However much you try to fight it Sagittarius, you may have to give in to how you are feeling today. Your emotions may get the better of you, but it’s better to acknowledge these things, rather than to ignore them. If something you have been working on very hard recently looks like it is about to finally succeed, don’t back out at the last minute just because things in your life may be about to change.


Perhaps you are more private than some of your counterparts and that’s ok, there is nothing wrong with having a little mystery. Regardless of whether or not you choose to share everything with people, you are likely to get on well in something that is important to you today, Capricorn.  While previously you may have avoided working as part of a large group, recently you have started to warm to the idea greatly.


When having conversations with the people you work with, try and avoid taking up their time with meaningless drivel. Instead, work together to form a new plan or an exciting, profitable project. What will surprise you today Aquarius is the recovery of past intentions and unfulfilled plans. If you have time, assess your life and anything that has been dragging you down of late, should be removed once and for all.


Accomplishing set targets will be easy for you today Pisces, because you will be able to overcome difficulties by forming innovative ways to deal with whatever problems should arise. Don’t be charmed into taking the easy way out, because in the long run this could actually turn out to be more burdensome. You might be ready to welcome the possibility of romance, as recently you have been in a more stable frame of mind.