People and events will be very hard to predict today, Gemini. 



Any small jobs that you have to finish around the house should be taken care of before the evening time today Aries, so quit procrastinating and be more productive with your time. Things will be very calming and harmonious between you and your other half today. Take some time out to enjoy the company of friends that you may not have seen in a while.


The early hours and just after lunchtime today Taurus will be your best chance to chill out, relax and do as you please. This will not last all day so make the most of it while it does! Put work to the back of your mind, unless something urgent needs your attention, and allow yourself to enjoy the tranquility. Your financial state will continue to be comfortable provided you do not over spend in the coming days.


Erratic behaviour and changeable circumstances will be all around today and this could be down to your own feelings or other people’s moods. Whatever the case may be, you should approach all tasks with caution. It’s best to leave any important discussions with your other half for anther day. Career wise, working with your colleagues will work in your favour as apposed to going against them.


If you want to stand out and get noticed for the good things you do then today is the time to make yourself the center of attention. A relaxed attitude and a calm approach will follow you around Cancer, and you will feel a sense of serenity as a result. Any developments that happen throughout the day will not have a major effect on you. Do not start any new tasks today.


Being precise and certain about the decisions you make today will be very important to you Leo and good judgment will be your best friend. Aim to push forward on career and financial matters – if you want to get ahead then go about making it happen! While having a plan of action in mind is always a good point of reference, do not be afraid to stray a little from the course if the situation requires it.


If there are issues going on in your personal life and you have not had a proper opportunity to address them, then use today’s morning hours or early afternoon to work on them. A rang of things could be to blame including work, family, financial issues and the general stresses of day-to-day life. A long walk or some physical activity is good to clear the mind and help you focus once again.


Be cautious about any new projects or activities that you start today Libra as it might be best to hold off for another day. If you do decide to go ahead with a new endeavour then these should be avoided entirely in the afternoon time. Do not be dragged into petty arguments or any discussions of a negative nature; instead aim to actively seek out positive energy and friendly people.


While it’s always nice to think about our dreams and aspirations for the future, if you do not focus on what is happening in the world around you first and foremost things may not turn out very well. If you do something you should aim to give it 100%, if not then perhaps it’s best to allow someone who is in a better position to fully commit to take over. Be courageous and brave; don’t always wait for someone else to make a move.


Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day so maybe it’s a good idea to be a little more realistic about what you will have time to achieve today Sagittarius – this is the best way to avoid disappointment and feelings of failure. If you are not in the best of spirits during the morning and afternoon hours then perhaps it’s worth looking into why this is the case.


Perhaps you are thinking about going on a long, and much needed, holiday or maybe even planning to move away from home indefinitely, if so then the morning time and even up until the early afternoon are the ideal times to finalise your plans and make some important decisions. Regardless of how well things may be going financially or otherwise, it’s important to not get complacent and continually be on the lookout for errors.


Avoiding confrontation and discussions of an angry nature will be your top priority this morning Aquarius but luckily your natural ability to judge a situation will come into play. In order to reach a target we have set for ourselves, sometimes it is necessary to first back pedal a little bit and make sure that we are fully equipped and skilled enough to handle the task at hand. If not, then for now it is best to focus on the preparation side of things as opposed to the end goal.


It is probably not the best time to begin any new undertakings for the time being as they may not work out according to plan. It is particularly unadvisable to out your name to anything that may have long-term implications for you. You may notice a change in your spouse or other half’s attitude and overall mood in the evening time, and this will have an affect on you also.