Try to forget about the things you cannot control, Taurus. 



The beginning of this Monday will be a good one for you Aries, and you may even encounter some strange, but welcome changes. Funny dreams may also occur and affect your thinking throughout the day. Don’t forget to tell the people you care about that they’re special and if you feel like getting them a gift to show you really mean it, go right ahead.


Taurus should steer clear of anything relating to business matters or issues relating to their career this morning, as this sort of work is not looking too favourable. The things in your life that unfortunately, you have no control over will be the issues that will weigh heavily on your mind throughout the day. While no one likes goodbyes, if you have to wave someone off try and get it out of the way before the afternoon.


The morning time will see Gemini indulge in a period of relaxation; being a little more lazy than usual and finding your thoughts are being consumed by daydreams and unrealistic wishes will be common. The things that most people would run a mile from, don’t have the same effect on you and you are drawn to the weird and the wonderful. It’s best to leave starting any new projects for another day.


Even though you are one of these people who likes to rise early and make the most of the day, today Cancer should take a step back and learn to be a little more restful in the morning hours. Allowing yourself to stop and take stock can help you to see the things you might miss otherwise. Any Cancerians born in mid-June will be feeling particularly romantic throughout the day.


This Monday will see any Leo thrill seekers search out fun activities that will bring a little excitement into their day. Your emotions may become guarded and you will be feeling quite protective when speaking about a personal subject that is close to your heart. The start of the day could see you or members of your family receive some – much-needed – good news.


If you decided to get out and enjoy the fresh air this morning, while you will certainly be getting some exercise and taking in the scenery, it may not have the exact effect you were hoping for. The people you come into contact with throughout the day Virgo will turn out to be extremely interesting characters, however it would be wise for you to take all you hear with a pinch of salt.


A decadent treat that Libra enjoys this morning will surely put them in a harmonious mood for the duration of the day. This might include an unusual food or an indulgence of some sort – whatever it is, make the moist of it! Focusing on your career and dealing with business matters will be most successful in the afternoon hours. A past problem might rear its ugly head once again.


Scorpio’s who were born in mid-November will wake up with a positive attitude and a strong zest for life today and this will be particularly prevalent in the morning time. If you’re in the company of your other half today, why not take the opportunity to tell them you appreciate their help and support. You might have to put troublesome issues out of your mind to focus on the task at hand at one point or another.


It’s a good idea for Sagittarius to consider spending some time alone this Monday as this solitude has the potential to benefit them greatly. If you would prefer to be in the company of others then it’s wise to be around people you trust the most. Just because something big happens in your life, doesn’t mean that you should feel compelled to tell people about it – others should learn to mind their own business a bit more too!


The early hours of the day may have some exciting surprises in store for Capricorn and this particularly applies to those of you who were born in mid-January. Throughout the day, despite your feelings of enthusiasm and longing for a sense of adventure, you should not get carried away with being too daring as it may have negative consequences.


While it’s important to give most, if not all, people the respect and curtsey you would expect to be shown, today Aquarius may find that they are draw to the people who share similar feelings on a particular subject and evidence if this you have experienced first hand. Don’t allow negative people to twist your words.


The start of the day will be the most successful this Monday for Pisces, so they would be advised to get up early and make the most of this important time. If you’re a Pisces who was born in the middle of March, this is especially important to keep in mind. Throughout the day, Pisces may also come across ways to improve their position within the workplace or endeavour to advance in their career.