There’s a lot to be done today Pisces, so get a move on! 



Aries may not feel like exerting themselves too much today and especially in the early hours of the morning, so don’t push yourself. However, if a potential love interest happens to catch your eye you may begin to feel differently. You may be feeling a little distracted throughout the day also.


Taurus will crave nothing more than a long, lie-in and the chance to relax this morning. Try to create a more relaxing atmosphere in your home, as this will also help you to unwind. While mundane everyday tasks are not very exciting they will still have to be completed nevertheless. You may meet someone new who will change your life for the better.


Why not get outside in the fresh air this morning and go on a nice, refreshing walk? If this doesn’t interest you then the possibility of meeting up with friends and catching up over a coffee may be more appealing. Focus on the activities that allow you to be more creative and that encourage free thinking.


Cancer would be ill-advised to attempt to better their financial situation in the early hours of the morning as it is unlikely that their endeavors will go to plan, or work out like they had hoped they would. Don’t make any sudden decisions until you have the proper knowledge and all the information that you require. New opportunities may be on the horizon for you.


Leo may have to put their generosity to one side this Monday and instead focus on themselves and their own needs for a change – don’t allow others to make you feel guilty for doing so! Any Leo’s who were born in the month of August might be feeling a little bit distracted today. Be careful that you do not loose sight of things either.


Some extra rest and sleep will make Virgo feel so much better throughout this Monday. Without this you could end up forgetting to do something important. However by the evening time you are sure to feel more like yourself. You and your closest friends may not be getting along that well lately and you may feel like they don’t understand you properly you properly.


Libra should aim to spend time in the company of people who have a similar way of thinking and who share their views on subjects that are important to them; this greatly eliminates the chances of arguments and personal clashes. Libra’s who were born in the month of October are much more likely to believe everything their partner tells them today – even if not all of it is true.


In the spur of the moment Scorpio may feel like they would like to see how the years ahead will unfold, however knowing too much is not always a good thing. Allowing things to happen as their meant to is always best. Sometimes it’s not always the greatest idea to stick to what you know and branching out into something new can help a lot.


Any Sagittarius’ who were born in mid-December are likely to have a favourable outcome to any projects they decide to undertake today. These will all be completed in a peaceful and low-key manner. If you’ve been considering doing some travelling or possibly even some sightseeing lately, then now Is a good time to look into the places you would like to visit.


Emotions running high could leave Capricorn feeling particularly affected this morning, from all that has been going on. Try to deal with these head on and don’t allow them to affect the rest of your day. Things will become clearer to you as the day goes on. Be careful what you say to others when giving advice.


Aquarius should avoid getting stuck in arguments in the morning hours as this will set you back for the remainder of the day. Don’t think that your partner’s bad mood is your fault because this is unlikely to be the case. There are certain things you will not be able to fix so don’t put too much pressure on yourself trying to solve them.


Pisces should get up early this morning to give themselves a head start with all that they have to do. If your work allows you to be creative in some way then you will not find is as much of a chore to complete! Ask the people you are closest to for advice when you need it because they are the ones who will be the most honest with you.