Don’t forget to look after yourself today, Cancer.



Unfortunately Aries, this Monday you won’t be able to relax in the comfort of a blissfully stress free day today, as you will have a lot on your mind. Last minute changes to your plan and disruptions that you simply could not have planned for are all likely to add to the problem. You may be considering advancing or perhaps even changing your career and if this is the case now seems like a good time to carefully look at your options.


Taurus would be wise to refrain from making any promises that they can’t fully commit to today; this also includes giving their final say on a project or even an event they have been working very hard on recently. What may seem like or start out as an uneventful outing may turn into something far more complicated.


You may be feeling somewhat disillusioned this Monday Gemini as the day is causing you to experience many setbacks in areas that you have worked very hard on improving. If it seems as though someone has cut contact with you, perhaps they have their own reasons behind their actions that have nothing to do with you.


Take care of yourself today Cancer, and do not put the things you know are important, off for much longer as you may come to regret your decisions at a later stage. Even though you’re not the best at following orders, today it is vital that you do so. You will also be eager to try out a new idea and your confidence will be extremely hardtop deter.


A busy day looks like it’s in store for you today Leo, so try to get your head in gear early on so as not to forget anything that is particularly pressing. It’s possible that you may go through patches of being very careful and watching every penny you spend, to days where you throw caution to the wind! A happy medium is always best.

You might begin to doubt yourself and your abilities at some point throughout the day Virgo, however try to remember your strongest qualities and use these wherever possible. Being a little all over the place will not be a surprise and concentrating and focusing on one thing at a time will be a big challenge for you.


Work related issues, may begin to take their toll on you throughout the day, Libra. These will take time to solve and may hold up the other tasks that are on your (ever growing) list. Fortunately, your home life will offer a nice contrast from the hectic day and problems that arise will be swiftly dealt with.


Even though the people around you will be opting to stray from the traditional route, you will be more inclined to do the opposite today, Scorpio. Stick to what your instincts are telling you and you will be fine. Trying to perfect something that is already as good as it can be is a very tricky task; be careful that you do not ruin things in the process.

Others may not give you the credit you deserve today Sagittarius and some of your hard earned achievements and accomplishments may go completely unnoticed. However, before you allow this to get you down, remember that regardless of what other’s think you know what you are capable of. Reconnecting with friends and family will take up some of your time today and the possibility of cementing new friendships is also likely.

Capricorn will not be in the mood for trying to maintain close friendships with large groups of people today and instead will opt for a far more simple solution. Taking a holiday or making plans for a future trip may not go according to plan either. If you’re beginning to feel like you’re stuck in a rut, then get going and do something about it!


Today will be one full of little challenges for you Aquarius, as up until the latter hours of the day you will experience your fair share of mishaps and things not going your way. Financial worries might also be troubling you and getting in the way of you being able to completely chill out and relax.


Pisces, even though you are generally able to keep your cool in most circumstances, today will be somewhat of an exception as the temptation to make your true feelings known will be ever present. And you won’t be the only one as the people around you will be in a very similar humour. Avoiding those who make you feel uneasy will be forefront on your mind.