You will encounter some obstacles today, Scorpio.

The probability of unforeseen complications while doing some work is getting stronger. Be careful: one single detail can ruin all and have far-reaching consequences. Today the risk of unexpected situations as well as ideological/professional conflicts is high.

There may be some upset feelings and disappointments associated with the Bulls’ children. You may give a serious thought to their medical treatment or education. Some new undertakings aimed at your kids’ development will have to be postponed due to poor preparation or unfavourable circumstances.

This day may become a period of personal trials if you were born in the middle of June. The day will not be an easy one if you are concerned about your professional or social status, your family affairs, education, and changing a place of residence.

Even if things are going well for the Crabs, during the day they may periodically experience the condition close to depression. You may be very upset about not being able to instantly realize your grand plans. When it comes to people around you, both occasional acquaintances and your close friends may seem distant.

Your personal financial or professional policy, which is based on frugality, may contradict your partners’ position which is much broader and more adventurous at times. This is not the day when one can reach a stable reliable compromise.

On August 22, 2016, you may choose another direction and change your goal. The closer your date of birth to September 20, the more likely you are to prove to be personally involved in current affairs. Your reputation, professional integrity, social position, and important partnership may be jeopardised.

During the day you will depend on the events taking place around you, your team’s will or the desires of certain important personae. There may be some changes at work, in your work schedule, in your professional tasks, etc.

When implementing global plans, you will run into objective obstacles. Don’t take them personally. You will be lucky during this period of your life. The chances are, unforeseen complications and unexpected changes in your original intentions will do you good.

Today you will hardly be able to do what your heart desires. You are required to comply with professional requirements, closely follow your management’s orders, and perform your duties or instructions.

Your relations with people from afar may become tense; you may also get in trouble with law and earn wrath of some influential scientists, or representatives of another field that is of interest to you. Today stars are on your side.

In order to keep what is dear to your heart, you will have to follow more flexible policies. These may be the policies affecting your financial savings, spiritual affairs, emotional attachments, and moral ideals. Today conservatism may reign over originality which is traditionally so dear to your heart.

Your partner, friend, client, or manager may be in poor spirits on August 22, 2016. This is not the day when you should be looking for truce, offering new conceptual changes, and sharing optimistic plans for distant future.