The 3pm slump won’t be bothering you today, Leo.



Any new projects or ventures Aries has in mind, should not be started until the afternoon – preferable after 4pm – but remember, your energy levels will not be as high at this time of day. Actually, today doesn’t really look good for any activeness at all, no matter how important! When friends give us advice, we are more inclined to sit up and listen.


Before lunch, you might be a logger heads with a partner or spouse and a lack of understanding could be the cause. It’s best to cool off a bit before trying to resolve the situation. Even though your powers of persuasion over your family and friends are legendary, there is a fine line between this and being seen as bossy.


Get your morning started by ticking, the most urgent, things off your checklist. Anything that can wait for a few days should be out to one side for now. A clean home or even a tidy desk can be surprisingly beneficial. If you’re having money troubles, the coming days will be helpful in sorting this, but only buy what is essential.


Today you’re allowed to let your emotions run free (for a change), especially when speaking to, or interacting with, someone very close. Our emotions also allow us to be more creative. Things that seem too good to be true should be well researched before committing yourself to something binding.


Take a bit of ‘R&R’ time this morning to relax and have some peace and quiet. It’s also ok to allow your mind to wander and get distracted during this time. Unlike usual, the 3pm slump won’t affect you today and you will get a burst of energy instead. Don’t let a lack of self-belief get in the way of you making some big decisions.


The Virgos can afford to be a little less particular about their work schedule this morning. The time you spend catching up with friends or enjoying a leisurely stroll, will be worth it in the long run. While people probably mean well inviting you here, there and everywhere, there is a tendency to feel pressurised to attend every event.


The first part of the day is not the time to force things to happen or making any future plans. Shopping or spending large amounts of money is also ill-advised. If you feel like you are putting in more than enough effort to achieve something and it is not working out, then maybe it is time to let it go? Remember though, not everything has to be perfect.


Your energy levels will improve as the day draws to a close and you might be feeling a little more passionate too! Your chances of receiving a surprise gift are also improving. If money woes are getting you down, then be open to some new ideas that you had not considered before.


Surprising as it may sound, a lie in this morning could be one of the best decisions you’ll make all day. Getting your head around any household troubles that have been on your mind and letting go of things that make you unhappy is also advisable. Forget about ‘fitting in’ and dance to the beat of your own drum!


As the day goes on, the fears you have about the future will slowly take on some new meanings. By evening time a new, exciting project may present itself. Despite your outward display of confidence, self-doubt and lack of confidence are very real. Face your fears head on and be daring in your approach to new things.


You will be easily distracted this morning and possibly in the afternoon too, Aquarius. Make a point of getting some rest throughout the day or even a leisurely stroll with friends. If you are at a point where you can’t seem to see the light in a bad situation, stay positive as things could be about to change.


Anything important or things that require your full attention should be left until later in the day when your energy levels and inspiration will be at their highest. Be careful you don’t let other people have an excessive amount of power over you; especially if they don’t deserve it. Stand up for yourself and take back some control.