You’ll enjoy the company of like-minded people today Aquarius.


Aries, today is a good time to get all those loose ends that have been bothering you for some time now, sorted out once and for all. You may become extremely interested in the possibility of visiting somewhere new or taking a long overdue trip to see an old friend. The possibility of experiencing new cultures will really appeal to you. Be careful that your curious nature doesn’t land you in some trouble.

While it’s good practice to play it safe when you’re not completely sure of what a situation will be like, today is not the time to stay in the background and let other people take over. Even though you might have loads to tell people and would love nothing more for them to sit back and listen, remember to take an interest in other people’s lives as well.

Gemini, it seems as though it’s all about talking for you today and your communication skills will be the especially strong because of this. An interesting conversation could provide you with some extremely insightful information. Be cautious of those who seem to be overtly kind or generous towards you as they may not be who or what they seem.

Aim to get all tasks and chores completed earlier rather than later today, and if you look for a way to become more efficient in the process this is will make the whole job a lot easier. Stick to what you believe in and what you think is right and try not to allow other people to convince you otherwise. Sometimes it’s good to have a bit of a switch up and a change from your usual routine.

Leo, even though your efforts may not have been as fruitful as you would have hoped they would be, don’t always measure your success on how much money you made (or didn’t make, for that matter!) A quiz night or game night with a group of close friends could be a fun was to pass an evening. Keep an eye on your spending also.

Virgo, your sense of determination and your eagerness to succeed will see you through the day. However, this may require some careful planing and perhaps a little more organisation on your behalf as it’s rare that things naturally fall into lace without a little thought behind it. Deciding on whether or not to do the right will be a scenario you are likely to face.

If learning something new or soaking up information is what’s on your mind today Libra, the it seems as though this Monday is the ideal time for this type of pursuit. Important meetings are probably best if left for another time. Becoming more organised will help you to stop wasting time and also become much more productive as well.

Scorpio, if you’re beginning to notice that the people around you are in a far more comfortable position than you seem to be, this might just be the push that you need to get motivated and to do something about it. Loyalty means an awful lot to you and this will not go unnoticed by the people around you spend your time with.

Your own concerns and wishes will become your priority today Sagittarius, and this is not something you should have to be made feel guilty about. The people who truly matter to you will also be able to understand this. Perhaps someone who was trying to impress you didn’t exactly do a good job, although you are unlikely to berate them for this.

Capricorn, if you’re someone who likes to have complete peace and quiet in order to get things done then it’s unlikely that this will be the case for you today because interruptions and distractions will be all around. Why not talk through a new idea or a plan with a friend who always gives an honest opinion? You never now what might become of it!

Aquarius will be comfortable in the company of like-minded people and will also find it very easy to engage in conversation with them also. However, you should watch what you say around certain people as they may have a tendency to add their own two cents to the story. Don’t take on too much all on your own, ask other people to do their share!

Unfortunately Pisces, not everything you had planned for the day will become a reality and this will not be down to your lack of trying. If you feel as though there has been a lot going on of late and that you haven’t had enough time to properly process it all, ten it’s wise to take a step back and have some time to yourself.