Your secretive side will be present today, Sagittarius.



Your imagination will be working on overdrive today Aries – but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead you will find that the day will pass quickly as you will be so preoccupied planning new projects and formulating new ideas. Go you!


Even though it’s always advisable to go with what your gut is telling you, sometimes it’s best to break out of your shell and take a few risks (all within reason of course). Don’t convince yourself you are going to fail before you even try!


This Monday Gemini, your encouragement and the advice you give to someone in need will have a huge impact on their life and will make you feel very happy for helping out a friend. This might inspire you to do some charity work or volunteering of some kind.


Cancer, this Monday is likely to be a particularly lucky one for you, so take advantage of this and make use of any opportunities and chances that come your way. If you don’t, you may live to regret your decisions in the future.


Everyone experiences setbacks and hurdles they have to move past at one point or another in their lives and unfortunately Leo, today will be one of those days for you. However, don’t adopt a defeatist attitude – it’s not very attractive.


You may find yourself in a position where someone else will be doing their best to get the better of you, Virgo. If this is the case Virgo; don’t allow them to get the upper hand and instead try to be the bigger person in the situation.


If you’ve been working very hard at something lately Libra, or perhaps you have been trying your best to perfect a skill of some kind, then today all your hard work is likely to pay off. If you can afford it, treat yourself to whatever it is you have wanted to purchase for ages!


Your energy levels will be super today Sagittarius and as a result you will have plenty of drive to finish whatever tasks and projects you’re currently working on. This will not only give you a great sense of accomplishment, but you will also enjoy seeing the finished product.


The more secretive and less open side of your persona will be at the fore today Sagittarius. This may stop you from joining in a conversation where other people feel very comfortable and you feel somewhat left out. Don’t allow this to hold you back in future.


Capricorn, you seem to be starting the week on a good note as you are almost guaranteed to be successful in whatever endeavours you try your hand at today. Use this as a sense of encouragement and have more confidence in yourself.


Aquarius’ position within their working environment is set to improve this Monday; this could mean that you will be able to apply for the promotion or salary increase that you have been hoping for recently. Show people you are worth it!


Regardless of the position you might find yourself in throughout the day Pisces (especially if it is work related) it’s best to try and avoid being dragged into arguments or disagreements. Your ability to see both sides of an argument could hinder this.