Today will be a great start to your week, Cancer!


Aries, today may shed some light on a side of your personality that you rather not let people see. However, while feeling vulnerable might not be the best feeling in the world, it does dhow that you’re human like everyone else! Someone might unexpectedly show you something you were not prepared for.


Having all eyes on you will be something you will relish in throughout this Monday Taurus. There’s a big possibility also that you will be particularly needy, and will not enjoy being on your own. Be careful that you do not annoy your friends with this.


A busy day lies ahead for Gemini, so you better get up early to get a head start on all that you have to do! Family ties and commitments may not only put a strain on your resources and time, but also on your emotions. Don’t try to fix everyone else’s problems without first worrying about your own!


Cancer, this Monday will bring a great start to the week for you, as it’s likely you will be in for a big surprise at work (in a good way that is!). Try to tackle a problem in a different way than you have been previously doing as the results could be worth it!


Unfortunately Leo, this Monday will not be one of those days where people will be flocking to be in your company. In fact it may be the opposite, as your bad humour will turn people away! Don’t hold grudges against people you care about as these may fester into something worse the longer you leave it.


You will be very much inclined to do your own thing today Virgo, even more so than usual. Working alongside others or as part of a team will not interest you and instead you will be more content to carry out your duties on your own. However, try not to offend anyone in the process.


Libra, learning new skills will be your strong point today and you just might surprise yourself with all that you are capable of achieving when you put your mind to it. If artistic or musical endeavours are something that you have an interested in, you should explore these.


Finding a way to increase your finances and make a little more money is something Scorpio is likely to be very passionate about this Monday. Perhaps you will think about using the money you have already saved away as a means to make this happen.


While it’s great to look back over the years with good memories of the past, try not to let yourself become too sentimental about things that aren’t really that important. With that in mind, getting rid of old junk that you’ve been harbouring for years might also be a good idea!


Capricorn, try your best to use your will power and not get too carried away today – especially when out shopping! If you manage to succeed you will have a renewed sense of empowerment and you could also avoid future disappointment.


Someone you are very close to, and thought you knew very well will surprise you and hurt your feelings by their actions. Don’t be inclined to let yourself believe that this is your fault, as it is more than likely something that are dealing with themselves.


Even though you may have some regrets about previous purchases in the past, this Monday will not be one of those times. If you finally decide to splash out and get yourself whatever it is you have been saving for (and dreaming of for moths) take pride in what you have managed to do!