Things will not go your way today, Leo.

On this day Arians will have to have a difficult conversation with their superior. You will try to suggest to your boss that your salary is not keeping up with the growth of inflation. Your boss will promise to take your concerns into consideration, but this will be a disappointing answer, one you have heard before.

On this day Taureans will worry about the health of one of their close relatives. It is quite possible that you will have to take leave in order to spend time at this person’s bedside. The crisis will pass towards the evening, but you will be left thinking that perhaps it would be worth saving up some money in case you lose your ability to work.

On the 31st of October Geminis can expect a massive fall-out with their spouse. Early in the morning after breakfast, you will take up a controversial issue, and once again it will lead to an argument. In the afternoon, however, your phone will ring, and after a short chat you will find out that your beloved is willing to compromise.

On this day Cancers will deal with a problem relating to their finances. You will have to take a major loan in order to get out of these financial difficulties. These events will do little to improve your good mood.

On this day Leos will hold a grudge against one of their loved ones. You will need this person’s help, but they will refuse to help you. You will remind them how you have sacrificed time and money for their sake, but your friend will prove to be extremely ungrateful.

On this day Virgos will get a new pet. You won’t be able to say no to your children’s requests to adopt a puppy or kitten. Soon you will understand yourself that the new inhabitant of your house is surprisingly charming. It is possible that you will become more attached to it than anyone else in your family.


On this day Libras will naturally be characterized by heightened powers of observation. It is precisely due to this that you will be able to notice a massive mistake in one of your colleague’s projects. Your colleague will be sincerely grateful, and will promise to be at your service at any time.

On the 31st of October Scorpios should not blame others for their numerous problems. You won’t achieve anything at all by trying make others take responsibility for your own blunders. It would be much better to get to work as soon as possible trying to rectify all your mistakes.

Today Sagittarians will experience dissatisfaction with their social status. After work you will meet one of your school friends and you will be sincerely surprised by how much this notorious C student has been able to accomplish. You will go home and decide to think about who, why and what has been getting in the way of your success.

On the 31st of October Capricorns should fill in important documentation extremely carefully. You should assess your personal life just as carefully (especially your relationship with your new partner). It is quite likely that your partner is one of those people who lives at others’ expense.

On this day Aquarians will finally give up on their childhood dreams. You will understand that this desire has completely outlived its time, and is no longer up to date. Instead, you will start thinking about new goals, particularly the many material things you would like to have.

On this day Pisces will be deeply concerned by the state of their health. In the morning you will be dizzy and weak, which will make it much harder to do your job. You will barely be able to wait until work finishes, and you will decide to consult a medical specialist. He will take a look at you and give the final verdict – your ailment is caused by fatigue and chronic stress.