Maintain your composure today, Aquarius. 



Aries it looks like plenty of success awaits you today and this will definitely be helped by your intellectual talents and skills. Career wise things will be going well and the continuous progress you have been making, will show. The recognition will make you feel very accomplished!


A water cooler conversation may turn out to be a lot more interesting that you would have imagined today Taurus, where you may end up learning a lot about not only others but yourself too. However, don’t necessarily take everything you hear to be fact.


Gemini don’t turn down the offer of help if someone is willing to support you, they may not always offer a second time around so it’s important to keep this in mind. If there is someone who inspires you and you feel that you could learn a lot from them, then go the extra mile to show that you’re serious.


This Monday will require Cancer to plan their day very carefully; don’t be tempted to take on too much or try to get everything done all at once because, realistically, it probably isn’t going to happen. Make a list, pace yourself and go from there. Not everyone with a friendly face is a genuine as they seem.

Leo this Monday will be a great start to the week for you because it’s very likely that you’ll receive some fantastic news! Your professional capabilities will become even more noticed as the day goes on. An offer may be given to you that you simply cannot refuse.


Today will be relaxed and non-stressful for Virgo, which will be welcomed because it’s exactly what you have been craving recently. Use this time to catch up on all that you haven’t had the time to focus on lately. The evening hours will present you with loads of social opportunities.


Today a long and drawn out process will finally bring you some closure Libra and this will allow you to be able to move on with other areas of your life. Someone in a position of power may give you the evening off – something you will not turn down! Why not plan a romantic evening for your partner?


If you spend less time saying you’ll do something and more time knuckling down to the task at hand today Scorpio, you’ll be surprised by how much you manage to accomplish in a very short space of time. Use this as an incentive to maintain a stringer work ethic going forwards.


Your emotions have the possibility of getting the better of you today Sagittarius so if you can, try not to let this happen and particularly not in a place where you are required to keep your composure. Even though you may feel someone else is in the wrong, others may struggle to see things from your point of view.


If someone who trusts you, opens up and shares some very personal information with you today Capricorn, don’t be tempted to share this with people who may be less sensitive with the news. This might also be something you may live to regret in the future.


Maintain a sense of tactfulness depending on the situation you find yourself in today Aquarius. This is especially important to remember if you find yourself in a situation where you could potentially do some important business deals. Don’t blow your chances!


Setting targets and reaching your goals this Monday will leave you with a real sense of accomplishment today Pisces. Try not to gloat however, because no one likes a show off! Modesty is far more appealing than someone who is all too quick to promote themselves over others!