You’ll be on the lookout for something new today, Taurus!



Aries this Monday you won’t allow anyone else to out pressure on you or try to make you work faster. You will be independent in your thinking and actions and this will help you to remain firm and calm in your response confrontation.


A change of scenery or a complete move is what you’ll be looking for today Taurus. Therefore you’ll be keeping a close eye on the property market to see what your chances of investing in some property are. If this fails then you might consider staying someone new for a few months.


Gemini your shopping habits will not be slowing down anytime soon today Gemini as it seems your inability to curb your spending is to blame. Maybe you’ll discover a new store that has plenty of hidden gems you simply just have to get your hands on.


There will be some huge changes on the way for you this Monday, which will cause you have a very interesting start to your week, Cancer. These changes might include some changes in the workplace or a values colleague might be leaving for new adventures.


Leo, you’ll have a slight tendency to start an argument with someone simply for the sake of it today, so don’t let this get the better of you. People may begin to view you as confrontational if you do. If you’re struggling to connect with someone new, try discussing interests and hobbies.


Someone you’re very close to or perhaps even a really good friend, will be the people most likely to get on your nerves today Virgo. If you think that a few minutes to yourself to calm down before you end up overreacting will help matters, then you should take as much time as you need.


Libra will be concerned about how things are going between them and their significant other today. This might be due to a lack of communication or a failure to see eye to eye recently. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be very anxious to out things right.


You may struggle to fully understand what is being asked of you and will find learning new skills a challenge today Scorpio. If there is someone you are comfortable around and you know will be happy to offer some help, hen why not ask them?


Career goals and staying consistently on top of their game as far as their professional reputation is concerned, is something that will matter a whole lot to Sagittarius this Monday. The things you manager to achieve will give you a great sense of satisfaction.


Don’t be tempted to ignore symptoms or thing that you are better than you actually are. If there is something that is causing you concern then go to see someone who can help. Make sure the person knows exactly hat they are talking about though!


Aquarius, someone you know very well will let slip today that they have a secret crush on you – and you might not be sure how you feel about this. However, you will be more inclined to keep your distance from them rather than going out of your way to make conversation.


It looks as though Pisces will have a very long day ahead of them this Monday and it will not be the most enjoyable start to a week they’ve ever had! However, it’s best to try and look on the bright side and make the best of whatever situations you find yourself in today.