You won’t be one for crowds today, Capricorn.



You may find yourself at the beginning of a very tough few days Aries, however have confidence and a belief in yourself that you’ll be able t handle whatever tasks come your way with poise and grace.


Taurus, your practical nature and reliable personality will see you making lots of friends throughout the day. However you won’t necessarily be the best person to be left in charge of organising a big party or event.


Focus on your priorities throughout this Monday Gemini as there is a large chance you will have plenty to figure out and organise. Why not use any spare time you may have throughout the day to plan ahead and make a start on other pressing jobs.


Cancer, the chance to send some enjoyable quality time with family this Monday is exactly what you’ve been looking forward to for some time now. You will choose a quiet relaxing venue for this, not somewhere crowded and noisy!


Strange as it may seem, you are unlikely to be as energetic and full of life this Monday, compared to other days Leo. Perhaps you’ve been feeling a little off lately and in which case, try to rest up and not take on too much.


Virgo, try to be a bit more in tune with the people you spend the majority of your time with throughout the day as you ma have been very distracted lately and not given them the proper time they deserve. Make amends by doing something nice for them.


You may find yourself in a bit of a power battle this Monday Libra, as it seems like any Virgos you are in contact with will try and assert their authority over you. Be the bigger person and walk away from any potential bust-ups.


Scorpio, you may be acting unusually cautious throughout the day and this may be as a result of spending lots of time in the company of your more careful friends. This might not necessarily be a bad thing, but don’t forget to have a little fun from time to time.


Your sense of adventure may be lacking somewhat today Sagittarius, and only you will be able to answer the question as to why. If there are certain things that have been and continue to bother you, try your best to stop them causing you too much concern.


Capricorn, your tendency to be a little introverted will be very obvious to both yourself and others throughout this Monday. You will be slightly selfish in that your own business and the things going on in your own life will concern you more than the worries of your friends.


What other people have to say, both to and indeed abut you, is unlikely to cause you much concern today Aquarius. This independent nature will stand to you in the future, as you’re well able to make your own decisions, regardless of what other people are doing.


Pisces, if you have a passion, regardless of what that is, then this Monday you should make it your priority to go about exploring and making advances with it. There’s no point in having a talent if you let it go to waste.