Sometimes keeping your opinions to yourself is best, Scorpio. 



You may start to feel more sensitive today and take offence easily, but that won’t stop you from being your usual inquisitive self. You may have done this subconsciously, but your friends and the people you spend large amounts of time with could be advantageous to you in some way. The days could start to feel a little longer and less exciting in the few weeks.


Any new plans you have had up your sleeve will be helped along by the fact that you’re feeling more confident than usual today. This will require you to be patient though so don’t expect to see changes right away. Your education, while still very important to you, could start to take on another meaning today. Being in the company of like-minded people could help you to see things more clearly.


It is looking likely that things will go well for you today Gemini, both on the career and romance sphere. Using your initiative and looking at things from a practical point of view will only serve you well in the days ahead. Look closely to see whether or not there are things that you could do with changing or improving and if so, do your best to make positive steps forward.


If you have been lucky enough to have had some good news or success in recent times people will be more likely to share in your happiness today. Although it is easy to get bogged down by the negative and to forget about the good, try to concentrate on more positive things and be grateful for what you do have. It is very important to be flexible in work and to be willing to help out.


Perhaps you are feeling hurt and surprised that the people, whom you are closest to, haven’t been there for you when you really needed them. However, take comfort in knowing that support may come from an unlikely source. If you are tempted to do something to improve your financial position, be smart about your choices.


A person you have a lot of respect for, maybe a partner or someone you work for, will continue to become a very influential person in your life. There is no shame in admitting that we could do with a little extra support and if so, consult a professional. Something may spark your interest today this and could be a professional deal or a new love interest.


Saying how you feel in negative setting is never going to be easy, however today is the best time to open up to someone about a situation that seriously needs to be addressed. It could be a good way to express feelings that you haven’t been able to speak about before that. You could surprise yourself and learn something new.


Even though you may have very strong feelings about a particular subject, sometimes it is better to keep these ideas to yourself; you could end up unintentionally offending someone. Try to be led by the facts and not by your feelings when making big decisions. If you are into anything that involves art or thinking creatively then today could be successful for that too!


While the prospect of starting a new project or discovering something exciting can be thrilling, remember to finish one thing before you move on to another – get going Sagittarius! When making goals and setting out a time frame make sure that it is realistic, otherwise you could end up feeling disillusioned. If a new house is what you have in mind then you should start your search today.


We can all get stuck in a rut sometimes but maybe the people in your social circle aren’t the most suitable bunch for you anymore; it can be hard to admit this but once you do you will feel a lot better. You could be feeling particularly tense today and the best solution would be to try and let go of the negative as soon as you feel ready. Don’t let past experiences stop you from enjoying the present.


A lifestyle overhaul and changing how you approach things could be the best solution for you today Aquarius. This could also be very beneficial where your finances are concerned. If you have been bottling a lot of things up lately then you might feel better if you talk things through with a good friend; even if they just listen to what you have to say.


If you want to achieve all that you have been planning lately, then you’ll have to make the effort to work harder other people cannot make your dreams happen for you. Keep in mind that traits like kindness and good communication skills are always advantageous qualities to have. You may also be left questioning certain relationships in your life.