Today could be an emotional one for you, Leo. 



While you may feel like being direct and up front is the best thing to do, unfortunately it may not actually get you the result you were hoping for. Sometimes people can take offence assertiveness and see it as bossiness. Today is not looking like the best time to begin new projects, particularly if they have anything to do with a business venture or your career.


Do your best to be open and honest today, Taurus – you might feel surprisingly better and like you have had a weight lifted off your shoulders. If you have something important to get off your chest, then pick the perfect moment to share this news with friends and family. They may even give you some more ideas that hadn’t crossed your mind!


Being sensible and having a strong sense of right and wrong, and also other people’s character is really going to work to your advantage today Gemini. You will not only be very in tune with your own emotions but also those of your peers as well. If the people around you are irritable and in a bad mood, most likely it has nothing to do with you and it should not be taken personally.


Today you may feel like a change Cancer – this might be the perfect time to do something new and add a little more excitement to your life. Don’t complain about being bored if you’re not going to do anything about it. For any Cancerarian’s born in the middle of July should really focus on matters that are most important to you.


Emotions look like they will be running high for Leo today and the desire to experience the unexpected will be particularly strong throughout. If you feel like you are at a bit of a standstill in your relationship with your partner then you should really consider if you could do anything to change this. In your career, while it’s good to take risks make sure you are aware of the steps involved.


Meeting new and interesting people will be very important to you today Virgo; these welcome additions could inspire you and bring some creativity to your life. Any Virgo’s who were born in mid-September will be particularly overcome by this need and it may end up hindering other plans or even causing friction between you and the people you already know.


If you’re feeling like everyday at work is beginning to look the same, then maybe it would be a good idea to try some original ideas to spice things up. Maybe you could look into the possibility of doing more group or working alongside people with the same interests and goals? Release your inner spontaneity and surprise yourself and others with the things you do!


Be prepared to expect the unexpected today Scorpio. Starting an exercise class or joining a gym could be a good way to de-stressing after a long day’s work and it would also be good for your health too. You might even discover an untapped love for extreme sports! Any Scorpio’s who work or are interested in all things science, should get their thinking caps on today.


You may feel pretty anxious and nervous throughout the day and this could stop you from completing other tasks effectively. For this reason it would be best if you don’t start any more projects for a couple of days and your nerves might hinder your progress or lead to a simple mistake. Take extra caution with driving or handling machinery or technical appliances.


While you’re normally extremely trustworthy and someone other people can count on, don’t take it too personally if people are taken a back when you cannot commit like you usually do. Try not to flake out on any majorly important duties though. Any new people that have come into your life in recent weeks may not turn out to be as helpful as you thought they would be.


Aquarius should follow their instincts and equally their overall mood this Monday, as it will help them to determine the tasks they are likely to be more successful in over others. Any mid-February babies will already be familiar with this. Even though you may not feel like it, you will do your best to remain calm and composed throughout the day.


Pisces will be compelled to shake things up a bit today and add some more excitement and spirit into their lives. Look for new and unique ways of doing this. A change of career of moving house may cross your mind, and while these aren’t impossible suggestions you should really think carefully before committing yourself to any major decisions.