You might find it difficult to remain strong and composed today, Pisces. 



The morning hours are likely to be successful if Aries intends to make contact with people who may give them some important information. A short trip to somewhere refreshing and inspiring could also be a good idea to pass a few hours. Perhaps you have been dreaming up some ideas lately and haven’t had a chance to tell the right people about then yet, if you get the opportunity today you should pitch your ideas.


Before lunchtime Taurus will be particularly good at making decisions based on knee jerk reactions and practicality. It’s not often that you are handed chances or opportunities on a plate so when they are there for the taking, it would be crazy to let them go! If there is some important paperwork to take care of then today looks like you will be very competent and organised.


It’s time to rise and shine today Gemini (and pretty early at that we might add) because the longer you stay snoozing in bed the less you are likely to get done. A free spirit and not feeling like you’re being limited and stifled in your abilities will lead you to becoming braver and more productive in your career. Try not to take offence to the things that people say to you today as you may be feeling a little over sensitive.


If you have important conversations to have or a decision to make, you should address these issues in the morning time before your mind becomes clouded by other problems. This is also the most appropriate time to go over any particular situations that have been playing on your mind recently. If you’re feeling happy and content within yourself then your zest for life will match this positivity.


Try to reach a compromise with your other half as early as possible, otherwise you will spend hours deliberating and probably end up with the same outcome. A calm approach to tricky subjects is likely to be the one that will bring you the most success. Don’t fret if you think that a long overdue get-together isn’t going to happen, trust that your friends value this time as much as you and will do their best to make it happen.


If Virgo has some impending meetings to hold, especially if they are related to career or business matters these should be held in the morning time when you will be at your most polite and professional too! Address influential business contacts with a polite manner. If you have felt like things are not going your way lately then today you may begin to see a turning point Virgo.


You could find yourself looking out for ways to improve your community or the area in which you live today Libra – the spirit of a social activist will be something you will possess. Regardless of where you and your other half find yourselves living – even if this means you’re on different time zones – if you really try to make it work, it will. A surprising boost of inspiration may find you, just when you need it the most Libra.


If you can avoid having long, emotionally draining conversations about unimportant subjects then it’s wise that you do so. Whatever tasks you have to complete today Scorpio, it’s best to face these with a well thought out plan; this way, if you find that you run into difficulty it will be easier to come up with a solution to get you back on track. It is possible that personal problems and the answers you are looking for will take up a large portion of your time.


Today it would be wise for Sagittarius to use their words wisely and not be blunt, either intentionally or on purpose; this relates especially to any conversations you have with your other half throughout the day. If someone does not like an idea that you have come up with, then who is to say that they should be the ones to dictate what you do and do not, decide to do.


Capricorn should endeavour to focus their energies on finalising any pressing paperwork that requires their attention and complete concentration. The hours before lunchtime are usually the best to deal with this type of work. The people who surround you, and help you for that matter, will be extremely considerate of what you need of them today. Set a target for yourself and aim to finish on time.


Aquarius, if the time allows it you should make an effort to get back in touch with the people who were once extremely important to you and whom you’ve now lost contact with. Business conversations should be dealt with as early as possible in the morning hours in order to generate the best possible outcome for both parties involved. Someone might unintentionally interrupt some plans you have made.


Your ability to be strong and put your emotions to one side will be very difficult today Pisces. Unfortunately, the side of you that usually brings out joy in other people will be a little lack lustre. If this applies to you, then it’s advisable to avoid difficult situations and you might benefit from spending some time in a relaxing atmosphere. You will require other people’s attention to make you feel more comfortable and secure.