While it’s good to be responsible, don’t forget about having fun Sagittarius. 



Aries will be able to relate to the people around them and be more in tune with others sensitivities and emotions. The opportunity to solve a problem of some kind may present itself and you will jump at the opportunity to feel useful and like your talents are valued. You might also find it more difficult than usual to concentrate on one thing at a time throughout the day.


Taurus should keep in mind that this Monday may not be the best time for them to begin any new projects, as they will probably be more successful if left until another time. While having an active imagination is great in terms of coming up with new ideas, it’s best that you try to reign in your thoughts and keep them practical and achievable for the time being.


If given the opportunity today Gemini should use any spare time they have during the day to focus on more creative tasks and artistic ventures. Meeting up with friends might also be a good way to relax and enjoy yourself. If you feel as though you have given up certain things for one reason or another, then today you might have to make a decision and decide if you feel like you did the right thing or not.


Today Cancer’s recent ideas and new innovations are likely to be successful. Don’t be afraid to try out something new, especially if it involves learning something new or expanding your knowledge in some way. A certain relationship that has recently turned romantic, may slowly begin to fizzle out throughout the day.


Unfortunately, even though you might try to convince yourself that other people’s opinions don’t matter to you, the need to please them still persists. A problem you have been struggling with lately will not go away just because you choose to ignore it; be brave and try to come to a solution sooner rather than later.


Virgo should take advantage of the opportunity to relax and chill out if it presents itself today as you don’t know when you will get the chance again. This might also help your mind to switch off from the stress you have been experiencing lately and you will be ready to face the day with a more positive approach.


Clear your diary and leave the day open to explore whatever you feel like doing Libra. A long walk or some exercise outside in the fresh air is the perfect way to forget about work and any issues that are on your mind. You may also be inspired or dream up some new ideas whose prospects are very exciting.


Scorpio would be wise not to let their imagination run loose and instead should try to focus their attentions on the things that are taking place in the here and now. If you’re still dealing with the fallout from a project or decision that did not go according to plan in the past, try not to let this affect you going forward. Take some time out to clear your head before making a fresh start if you feel it would do you good.


Even though you are quite responsible, always remember to think ahead and be mature when making important decisions, but don’t completely forget about having fun and being a little crazy every once in a while. Do something useful with your internet browsing time and consider starting a blog or something similar if you feel like writing about a particular topic.


Capricorn is likely to be particularly distracted and unable to focus on things as well as they should this Monday, daydreaming and wishful thinking will instead seem like a much more appealing option. As a result, it’s probably best to hold off on any major decision-making for the moment until you feel as though you are able to think more clearly.


Any Aquarius’ who were born in mid-February should not dismiss their hopes and dreams too quickly as there may be an interesting idea or potential project in there somewhere. Someone who was unnecessarily rude to you in recent weeks may realise the error of their ways and change their attitude today.


Pisces may genuinely think they are right in a situation when in fact their version of reality has been tainted somewhat today. Because of this, it’s best if you don’t start completing any important documentation or paper work until you feel as though you can give it your full concentration. While it’s good to be aware of the things we can improve on, there is nothing wrong with being aware of your strengths too!