one step forward...

one step forward...

An alarming 76% of women believe there is a stigma attached to taking emergency contraception.  

Despite being voted as one of the top ten countries to live in as a woman, Ireland still has some serious feminist issues. From a pay gap of 10.6% to period poverty to the existence of a hefty pink tax - the list could go on and on. 

But one major issue Ireland faces is the stigma surrounding contraception, in particular - the morning after pill. A recent study conducted by emergency contraception brand ellaOne has released the results of their research into how young Irish women feel towards the morning after pill, and they're rather alarming. 

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The morning after pill is something that many women will or already have had to avail of at least once in their lives but according to ellaOne, women are still embarrassed to do so. 

The brand asked over 700 women aged 18-24 if they felt confident to make decisions that affect their bodies by themselves. While 91% of these women revealed they did, 76% also believe that there is still a stigma associated with taking the morning after pill. 

Over 60% of the women surveyed admitted they have been worried about being pregnant the morning after having unprotected sex and just one-third of those women said they felt confident in what to do next. 

When it comes to confiding in a loved one about taking the morning after pill, the study found that more women chose to tell a friend (71%) over their partner (just over 50%). 

The morning after pill has been available over the counter in Ireland since 2011 thanks to the Irish Family Planning Association who called for the emergency contraceptive to be more accessible for women. 

But how do we break down this stigmatisation that surrounds the morning after pill Ireland? Well according to ellaOne, the only way to remove the taboo surrounding emergency contraception is to talk about it "openly and honestly".

It's 2019, it's time we stop feeling ashamed for making decisions over our own bodies. 

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