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If you've been following Mrs Hinch on Instagram, then we're guessing your cupboards are well stocked with Minkys and Zoflora. Well, it's now time to add another cleaning staple to your shopping list but this time, it's an Irish brand. 

After being spotted using the gloves over the Christmas break, fans were wondering how they too could get their hands on a pair. Finally, Mrs Hinch gave her followers what they want and recently (ahem) came clean, revealing that the gloves were by our very own cleaning brand, Killeen.

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AD |Hello my Hinchers!! I don’t know about you but the shine on a sink makes my day  I could check out peoples sinks and cupboards all day mate .. (worrying)! Anyway .. As you may have noticed on my Stories I now use these specific Gregory gloves every time I Hinch! I was sent them to try but now I am genuinely in love with the things! They’re called the Killeen Grippaz! Do many of my Hinchers own these? I could be late to the party 藍 BUT @killeen_ie who are the parents of these babies also have lots of other hinching products they sell! So show them some love , check them out and if you also use these Gregory gloves let me know your thoughts on them and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day! Ps: Have you been hinching much? I can’t stop , I think I’m nesting  ATB  #killeeners 理❤

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Mrs Hinch took to Instagram for a promotional post where she declares her love for the recently launched Killeen's Grippaz. A household glove that combines a lightweight feel with reliable strength in order to give you optimal flexibility. The gloves feature a super grip texture making them the perfect fit for tackling the most greasy jobs. They're also bleach and chemical resistant, they're latex free, and best of all, they're reusable.

And in typical Mrs Hinch fashion, she even came up with a fun nickname for her new cleaning buddy: Gregory. 

Killeen Grippaz Gloves Large 4 Pack, €2.99, Tesco

Thought they couldn't get any better? Well, they're also an absolute steal as they'll only set you back a whopping €3 for a pack of 4. 

Hurry! If Mrs Hinch's past recommendations are anything to go by, they're set to be a sell-out. 

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