The coolest thing since sliced bread, no?

The coolest thing since sliced bread, no?

One of Ireland’s most sought-after fashion stylists and our favourite Celtic Cool Girl, Courtney Smith fills us in on what rocks her world.

Beauty Hero

The La Mer's Intensive Revitalising Mask is literally incredible and is my most major beauty splurge. I use it whenever my skin feels super dehydrated after lots of long-haul flying.... it’s so worth the money in my eyes.

Fashion Inspiration

So many – Christine Centenera (Fashion Director of Australian Vogue); Kate Bosworth; Anita Pallenberg, the list goes on. I’m a people watcher, so I love to be inspired by other people even just on the street.


Ooh, I think it’s dangerous territory wishing to have someone else’s life, but if I HAVE to choose for the purpose of this, then I’m going with Eva Mendes, purely so I can smooch her hubby Ryan Gosling.

Most overused word?


Screensaver on my phone?

My rottie Lexi, she’s so gorgeous. Although, it’s usually an image from a photoshoot, I just recently upgraded it to her!

Most Listened to Song?

Landslide by Fleetwood Mac… on repeat… every day… multiple times a day!

Death-row meal?

Yellowtail Tuna Crispy Taquitos from Sushi Samba, literally little bites of heaven!

Movie Night Pick?

I’ve been told I have awful taste in movie… probably because I love sequels, (yes Grease 2 was better than the original) and I have an odd obsession with the Fast & The Furious franchise. However, on the flip side of that, give me Breakfast at Tiffany’s or The Breakfast Club any day of the week and I’ll be happy.

Dream Date?

I love a cosy fire on at home, with buttery popcorn, bottle of red wine and a movie... simple things make the best dates.

On Sundays, I….

Often take my Harley for a ride to Howth, then grab a coffee in Juke cafe (or ice-cream depending on the time of the year), sometimes grab seafood tapas in Octopussy and then go for a stroll along the pier.