For the last few weeks, our Instagram feeds have been full of posts raving about NARS' new Climax Mascara and in general, the brand's products do tend to live up to their titillating names, but can this volumising mascara do for our eyes what 'orgasm' does for our cheeks? 

We're noticing a pattern here NARS. 

Climax is the brand’s biggest launch of the year and comes with an apt Red Room vibe, the mascara itself packaged in a lightweight glossy red-enameled tube with deep grooves and ribbed rings (for added pleasure we're assuming?). 

According to the release, the brush “smoothly wraps pigments from root to tip for rich color and bold dimension" and won't stop until it's done. While the formula is boosted with a Lash Moisture Complex responsible for the "a whipped, creamy formula that lifts and builds without clumping" for a mind-blowing, earth-shattering effect. 

Sorry, this is all getting a bit #NSFW for us. 

Take your lashes to your peak. #NEVERFAKEIT

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So, with all of the sexual innuendos out of the way, what did we really think? 

This mascara really does hit the sweet-spot, (ok, I'll stop). On first impressions, I was immediately taken with the large, thick-bristle brush, as plastic comb-like iterations are so lost on me. Naturally, I've got lots of lashes to work with, but they're fair towards the ahem tip (there genuinely was no other word I could use), and after a few strokes my lashes looked instantly darker, more defined and longer. 

The formula was impressively light and didn't have any of that tacky wetness (oh God, I am trying, I swear), that volumising mascaras tend to have. And smudge/flake-wise, I had no complaints either – again the whipped, airy formula helping on this front. Climax is only available in one sultry shade (named Explicit Black) for now, but it's not at all a harsh black.

To answer the big question: Does it live up to its suggestive name? No, but that's a impossibly tough ask of any beauty product. Peak pleasure isn't guaranteed, but amazing lashes are. 

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