We do love a rom com

We do love a rom comP.S. I Love You

It’s dark, it’s cold and Netflix is bringing the warm and cosy – with a side order of bloody battles and political warfare!

We're really headfirst into winter now, with the sparkle of Christmas lights on the horizon. Here's what's we'll be checking out this month.

House of Cards: Season 6 (Now)

House of Cards was a huge, critucal success until allegations against lead actor Kevin Spacey put a dampner on things. He’s gone now, so Robin Wright’s steely and oh-so-fabulous Claire Underwood steps up. Will it be as good now? We’ll have to find out.

Outlaw King (09 Nov)

We’ve been waiting for this one – it’s a big budget historical drama with quite the cast. Chris Pine stars as Scottish hero Robert the Bruce as he battles the English, and Aaron Taylor Johnson is in there too. 

The Princess Switch (16 Nov)

More daftness that we are entirely on board with. The Princess Switch looks like perfect Sunday morning after a big Saturday night sort of a thing. It’s the classic switcheroo, with a Chicago baker and a soon-to-be princess finding out they look like twins. So of course they decide to swap places.

P.S. I Love You  (10 Nov)

Yes, it’s rubbish but when it’s this cold out and we have a couch and a screen, daft rom coms are glorious things. And suddenly spending an evening watching Gerard Butler do a terrible Irish accent (we’d have expected better from a Scot!) is quite appealing!

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (16 Nov)

She’s back! And looks totally different! Still,  we were die hard She-Ra (and He Man) fans when we were kids so will definitely be chcking this out. The world definitely needs some kick-ass warrior women at the moment

The Christmas Chronicles (22 Nov)

Everyone’s talking about how fanciable Kurt Russell’s Santa is in this! Honestly. Apart from causing confusing stirrings, this is by the makers of Home Alone and Harry Potter so looks very much like a future festive classic.

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