Ariana Grande, 7 Rings Video

Ariana Grande, 7 Rings Video

How well do you know your BFFs? Enough to know they were WAY too good for their ex, that's for sure! Well, now you'll get the chance to control their love life and swipe on their behalf, via a new (and free!) dating app. 

Fancy yourself as a bit of a cupid? Always responsible for hooking your gals up with their significant others? Well, once again, technology is coming through to make your matchmaking a whole lot easier. And more fun, too!

Relation-SHIP Central

The brains behind media company (and hilarious Instagram!Betches decided there was something missing from the dating apps that are out there: their friends' expert insight. So, Aleen KupermanJordana Abraham, and Samantha Fishbein teamed up with Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of the Match Group, to launch Ship.

If there's one person who knows you better than you know yourself it's your best friend.

Ship allows users to invite their married, single, and/or “it’s complicated” friends to join so they can swipe on the single friend’s behalf. Your crew is automatically entered in a group chat where you can share matches, talk about profiles you’re digging on the app, and swipe at everyone’s own convenience.

Who hasn't ever sent your bestie a screenshot of the dude you’re messaging's profile for approval? 

Total Gamechanger

Similar to other apps, on signing up to Ship, you'll be prompted to enter your height, job, religion, school, and more so that users can filter by gender, age, and location proximity.

But what makes it different, your friend’s involvement, of course! 

"Every woman knows half the fun of dating is talking about it with your friends, so we took that behavior and put it into the Ship app," explains the team behind Ship.

 "As millennials, dating apps are a part of our collective experience, but the way we connect on these apps doesn't mimic the real-life interaction that happens when people are out with friends.

"Ship eliminates the pressure and anxiety surrounding dating apps and talking with a stranger because you have your friends cheering you on throughout the entire process." 

We cannot wait to give a go with our friends, so hurry on @Betches and make the app available in Europe already! Please and thanks. 

Surely, the more singletons involved, the higher the productivity rates too, right? 

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