Right now, it seems like every day that a new dating term emerges from the ether — usually in the form of some variation of ghosting, Caspering or the afterlife. (Just us?) And in some ways, we're glad we have the exact phrase to describe our current state of emotional purgatory, but we also just kind of wish that these terms never entered our dating vocab. 

Flashcards at the ready, gals.     

Cushioning: Flirting with several people despite being in a committed relationship, so that if things go wrong, you’ve got someone to cushion your fall. 

Dracula-ing: When the person who only surfaces in the dead of night hits you with a “U up?” text.

Exagger-date: The act of embellishing a date so as to suggest it went way better than it actually did.

Kittenfishing: Appearing more attractive in pictures than in real life, usually through the use of angles, filters and editing apps, thus deceiving potential matches on dating apps. Essentially a light version of catfishing, which sees people pretend to be someone else altogether.

Bird Boxing: Being blind to just how bad your partner/the person you’re seeing/the idiot you hook up with is.

Buzz-erflies: The feeling you get when your phone buzzes, and it’s the maybe-special someone you’ve been waiting to hear from all day.

Deflexting: When someone blatantly ignores a question you ask via text (like, “when are we hanging next?”) and brings up a totally different subject, thus making you feel awkward.

S.O. stalemate: When neither party will start the define-the-relationship conversation, leading to no relationship progress whatsoever.

Monkeying: Bouncing from relationship to relationship without giving yourself some time to recuperate in-between.

Haunting: Ghosting someone, yet still liking their social media posts and watching their Snapchats or Instagram Stories frequently. 

Firedooring: Granting potential mates access to yourself solely on your terms and at your convenience. Just like a fire door, which only opens one way, not two. 

Insta-gator: The person who initiates contact or first publicizes a relationship via social media by tagging, DM-ing, or posting a photo of you two. Can be good or bad.

Three-dot Disappearing Act: The act of starting to type a message and then stopping, causing the three dots in your conversation to keep vanishing and popping up in a wholly torturous cycle.

Benching: Putting someone on the back burner; continuing to date them in a low-effort way, because you think they have potential, but that someone better could come along.

Gatsbying: Posting a photo or video on social media purely so that your love interest will see it. Named after The Great Gatsby, the book in which billionaire Jay Gatsby holds extravagant parties in the hope of attracting the woman he loves as a guest.

Zombieing: Ghosting someone and then resurfacing, as if from the dead, to attempt to rekindle things again. Zombies will usually provide a vague and most likely false explanation for their sudden disappearance.

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