The coat of the season

The coat of the season

Think Autumn is too far away to think about your coat?

Well you would be wrong. Every fashion insider knows the best time to start shopping for your Winter wardrobe is in the middle of summer. The reason being that that's when all the new collections with the most coveted pieces drop in store. If you wait till September to start thinking about buying coats and boots you've already missed the boat on the best stuff. 

What's Hot?

Luckily for you we've gotten a sneak peek at the hottest collections set to land in the next few months and can report that teddy coats are a very real trend set to take over sooner rather than later. Not what you want to hear when the sun is splitting the sky and we're enjoying a very rare run of nice weather, but there's no harm in being prepared!

We're very into the '70s vibes they're giving off and anything that's cosy and cool gets our vote. How amazing will one of these look with flares? We're already dreaming about our AW wardrobe...

Here's the best we've seen set to land in store soon. 

Penneys, €35

M&S, €140

River Island, €TBC


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