Hydration is an essential element of skincare and while our skin loves moisture, it doesn't always love the way said moisture is delivered. If you find rich, creamy formulas leave your face feeling smothered or greasy, No7’s new HydraLuminous range might be just what you're looking for. And as luck would have it, we've got the entire skincare range to giveaway for you to try.

Before you think, “Isn’t water in every skin-care product ever?” hold on a sec. The concept behind water-based products is actually pretty revolutionary.

Considering their lightweight, jelly-like consistency, you could be fooled in thinking that water-based formulas are less moisturising than other skincare products, but you'd be mistaken.

Formulated to infuse skin with fresh hydration, the fact that a range is water-based does not make it any less effective than its heavier counterparts. Instead, it's actually just free from the fatty ingredients that make creams, well, creamy (and the same ingredients that can cause the clogging of pores too).

Moisturisers with water-based formulations deliver hydration with water acting as a carrier for the active ingredients, allowing the super-lightweight products to absorb into the skin quickly without leaving behind any greasy residue or stickiness.

And while hydration is a non-negotiable factor in skincare, regardless of the season, water-based moisturisers are especially ideal for summer's hotter temperatures, in that they're oil-free and don't occlude sweat glands and pores.

No7’s new HydraLuminous range is the latest addition to this wave (ahem) of skincare and promising an instant skin hydration boost of 60%, we're getting thirsty just thinking about it.

No7’s New HydraLuminous range

Each of the seven products in the range – varying from a featherweight Water Surge Gel, €18 to a Hyaluronic Acid-heavy Water Concentrate, €22 and a sorbet-like Overnight Recovery Gel Cream, €18 – is powered by their innovative HydraDrench Complex, as well as their Pollution Shield Technology, which creates an invisible barrier protecting against pollution particles that can damage skin and dull its natural glow.

These products are the kind of skincare you forget you've applied, until you touch your face and feel how soft it is.

WIN Your Freshest Face Yet 

Ahead of its launch date, the kind folk at Boots Ireland have given us the full No7 HydraLuminous range to giveaway.

So, give your skin the tall drink of water it needs, just answer the question below to be in with the chance of winning all seven HydraLuminous products. T&Cs apply.

Shop No7's new HydraLuminous range in store and online at Boots.ie from 13 March and avail of their introductory offer which will see all products in the range priced at €14 until 9 April.

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