We can have skin like French girls, can\'t we? CAN\'T WE?

We can have skin like French girls, can't we? CAN'T WE?

Think facials need to burn, sting and leave your face looking like a slapped arse to do the job? Think again! We went back to basics recently and discovered that organic facials can produce serious results while also calming skin. 

Editor Aisling was our guinea pig for this one, so we sent her off to try an organic facial at Virginie Claire Beauty Centre in Dublin's Harold's Cross. Here's how she got on...

What was she starting with?

"In a nutshell I'm a skincare fanatic. I'm the girl who no matter how hammered I am will pull the baby wipe from your hands and make sure you cleanse, tone and moisture. I know, I'm an irritant! I was also evangelical about organic skincare until I reached my 30s and realised I needed more than papaya extract could give me. So I switched to pharmaceutical brands like Image and SkinCeuticals, and have been enjoying clear if slightly reactive skin ever since. 

However, lately my skin had been a little sad. Nothing major was going on with it, it just looked a little dull and lack lustre. We moved offices, my commute lengthened and I was out in the elements more so I was lashing on the facial oils to try and combat that. I had started to notice melia around my cheekbones and just felt that my skin needed a hug to get it back to it's best. Because my normal home remedies of no makeup and rosehip oil weren't working. 

What did they promise?

Virginie Claire use the gorgeous PHYT's range, which I was familiar with from my organic phase. I was booked in for a PHYT's Phytssima facial (€75 for 60 minutes). However, when I got under the lamp and was examined by the therapist, she realised I needed a mix of several facials and so set about personalising the experience. And I LOVED IT!

What did they do?

They did extractions! Now don't get me wrong, I realise extractions aren't for everyone, but I love them. Otherwise I feel like I'm paying somebody to wash my face for me. Which is just weird. My skin was examined under a bright light before the therapist got to work on the melia and blocked pores which were clogging up my skin. Fair enough it must be satisfying for her to watch the pop (Hello Dr Pimple Popper!) but for me the satisfaction from the pain was incredible. I just knew she was going all sorts of great things while I lay there doing my yoga breathing and pretending it didn't hurt. It did.

However, once the calming masque was applied and I was left on my own, I feel into one of those undignified sleeps that you know results in drool. Thankfully, nobody laughed at me. 

What did they use?

The full range of PHYT'S products as my skin needed. Two products included the 

Mask Nutrition Extreme, €61, PHYT'S

Serum Nutrition Extreme, €57, PHYT'S 

What results did it bring?

The skin of a girl ten years younger! Seriously. I left with brighter, clearer and more even skin. And it stayed that way. For weeks. Obviously I've since undone all the results with late nights and red wine, but I looked incredible! 

I was also really impressed that the therapist was able to tell what my diet had been like in recent weeks just from the state of my skin. Her ability to tell how much cheese I'd been eating (a lot!) from one look made me realise that organic therapists treat more than just your skin. And I do love a holistic approach to beauty! Because after all if we want to treat the skin surely we need to look at what's going on underneath? 

Would you go back?

Not only would I go back, but the facial experience has returned me to my organic-skincare-junkie self. Yup! My bathroom cabinet is once again filled with organic oils, face washes and leave on masks. 

And my skin has never been better. 

For more information visit virginieclaire.ie 


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