Chrissy Teigen is our hero

Chrissy Teigen is our heroImage; Getty

From those calling out body shaming in the media to the ones with true self confidence (and a glorious side of DNGAF*) meet the women who are changing the way we view ourselves.

Celebrities calling for body positivity and loving ourselves the way we are isn’t a new thing but what is new is the straight up honesty from so many female celebs. Maybe it’s the freedom of using their social media platforms to talk directly to fans but there are a whole lot of kick ass women who aren’t staying quiet anymore. Here are just some of our faves.

Jameela Jamil

English actress Jameela Jamil has had enough of celebrities, advertisers and media putting pressure on women to look a certain way. She’s mad as hell and she’s not going to take it any more!

She refuses to allow airbrushing on any press photographs or shoots she's in, set up the body-affirming I_Weigh Instagram account to celebrate body positivity and has zero time for body shaming in media.


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Scarlett Moffatt

Former Gogglebox star and I’m A Celebrity... winner, Scarlett Moffat took to Twitter back in the summer to show just how upsetting media comments on her appearance are. Her tweets came after a recent tabloidy magazine cover (which Jameela tweeted about actually). She also had bit of a “wardrobe malfunction” (her bra was showing) while a guest on Love Island spin off After Sun – and the knives were out.

Scarlett, who’s still just 27, was bluntly honest about how much the insults hurt and called on people to be more mindful of people’s feelings and "think before they tweet". But she still found the time to encourage others who are having a bad time. 

Chrissy Teigen

One of our true faves, Chrissy has been a champion of DNGAF for ages – watching her deal with judgy trolls and commentators online is a thing of joy.

She’s as real as it gets, is Chrissy, sharing tales of drunkenness, mad jealousy episodes, her husband John Legend’s annoying traits, and the realities of being a mum of two small kids. She had no problem flaunting her mum bod (and why should she?) after having her second baby in the summer.

There are no fake ‘even us supermodel types have bad days too’ selfies full of filters and barely a blemish here – Chrissy is unflinchingly honest and we love her for it. Yes, she may return to model, toned perfection one day but she’ll always be one of us.

Louise O’Reilly

You can always rely on Irish girl Louise O'Reilly to champion confidence and body positivity – she lives it herself. With straight up style advice for the curvier girl she makes us feel we can wear anything.


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