Hands up if you\'re over that biscuit-smell!!

Hands up if you're over that biscuit-smell!!

Well, say Hello to Isle of Paradise, a 100% vegan, cruelty-free and organic tan – rooted in body positivity and looking on the sunnier side of life. 

The Story....

Created by self-tanning aficionado, beauty-blogger and red-carpet glow maker, Jules Von Hep, this tanning range is all about REAL bodies and achieving that REAL looking glow.

"The concept of what Isle of Paradise would stand for began years earlier, when every single person who stood naked in my tanning booth, apologising for their wobbly/flat/small/wrinkly bits, all were looking for the same thing. The 'Feel Good' positive vibes." 

" It wasn't even about the tan, every client wanted the 'pick-me-up', the confidence, the endorphin rush of looking like their best 'post-holiday' self, so I thought if only I could bottle this feeling. So, I did!" JVH

The Products....

Harnessing a new, colour correcting take on tech-tanning, Isle of Paradise is expertly developed to deliver a real-looking, totally-you tan.

For a light tan... 

Choose Peach, (available in self-tanning drop, water and mousse) and say hello to a super sun-kissed, illuminated glow.

For a medium tan...

Choose Green, (also available in self-tanning drop, water and mousse)  for a medium, anti-redness, radiant tan. 

For a dark tan... 

Choose Violet, (also available in self-tanning drop, water and mousse) for a deep tan that's super bronze without a hint of orange. 

There's also a prepping spray, low-key gradual tanning butter and a tan remover, all packed with hydrating goodness. 

This is the only clean conscience tanning range you need to know this summer! 

Isle of Paradise is €24.99 for self-tanning water, €24.99 for mousse and drops (face & body) are also €24.99. All available at Boots.