Badgley portrays an eerily charming, controlling stalker on the show. 

Penn Badgley is not here to be your heartthrob.

The former Gossip Girl's latest job is that of Joe in 'You', the hugely-popular series on Netflix. 'You' follows struggling writer Guinevere and sees her become the latest victim of stalking by psychopathic bookstore owner Joe, played by Badgley. 

The piece sensitively portrays how a harmless crush can turn sinister in a time when violence against women has hit the global sphere.

However, it seems that fans of the show have somewhat missed the mark in terms of underlying themes – presumably due to Badgley's string of good guy roles and eerily charming disposition – as noted manipulator, Joe goes further and further to control Guinevere in their doomed relationship. 

As is done in the year of our Lord 2019, fans took to tweeting about the show when finished watching it – often tagging Badgley in their posts.

Their romanticised portrayal of his character, the anti-hero, seemed to strike a chord with Badgley, as he took to responding to a number of viewers and delivering some hard truths.

To the fan who asked him to kidnap them, Badgley replied "No thx".

And, when someone wrote, "Okay but @PennBadgley was sexy as Dan but lord Joe is a whole new level," he was quick to fill in his own blank there. "...of problems, right?"

Unfortunately, the actor's plans to spell it out to his fans were all in vain. Something that can be summarised by one frustrating back and forth with a fan who tweeted that they "can do nothing" if he's a "hot murderer."

"Then we got nothing left," he wrote rather dejectedly. “'Thanks 2019 but we’ll take the check plz' - Humanity."

It looks like the actor formerly known as Dan Humphries will have to prove himself once again in Season 2, where he will undoubtedly be confronted by Peach for his sinister behaviour. 

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