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Despite the pair calling off their engagement last October, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's relationship somehow still manages to make headlines. From sly references to Pete and his BDE to Pete spilling all the tea about Ari in his standup shows, these two just can't seem to quit it.

Since splitting from Ariana, Pete has been slowly but surely covering up all nine the tattoos he got for Ari. Up until now, the comedian has covered up his tattoos with simple, meaningful designs. But Pete's latest coverup...is anything but simple. 

Tattoo artist Jon Mesa took to Instagram earlier in the week to post a photo of the latest tattoo (a cartoon owl with a lollipop) he did for Pete. Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that this wasn't the only fresh tattoo on the comedian's back. If you look again, you'll notice the word 'CURSED' is inked in black, bold letters on the back of Pete's neck - where he originally had the words 'Mille Tendress', which matched one of Ariana's tattoos. 



They say a picture says a thousand words but this coverup is saying 101. Is he Pete calling Ariana a curse? Is he implying that anyone Ariana dates will end up cursed? Is he saying he is cursed? 

Who knows?! Pete has roughly 104 million tattoos so is it that big of a deal? Ariana stans think so. 

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