A retinol tonic you say???

A retinol tonic you say???

Check the bathroom cabinets of beauty editors and skincare aficionados around the world, and chances are you won't find too many products with a price tag under €15. Well, except for Pixi’s best-selling number, Glow Tonic. An exfoliating toner so good that it's launched a thousand copycats, we’re pretty excited to hear that Pixi has developed a new formula of the Glow Tonic, with the added power of retinol. 

Yep, a retinol tonic. Never heard of such? Well, it’s now a thing. 

A little weary of the 'r' word? We totally get why. If used incorrectly (i.e. applying too much too fast), dryness, redness and irritation may occur but not with this formula.

Firstly, it's low dosage makes it a super gentle form of retinol and perfect for those new to the active ingredient game.  

Also, the retinol inside this toner comes encapsulated, meaning it releases its texture-improving, skin-plumping muscle slowly and over time, reducing the risk of irritation and dryness.

To hydrate and soothe the skin and avoid that unpleasant ‘tight’ feeling, they’ve combined the low dose of the vitamin A derivative with jasmine flower and glycerin (which is a brilliant skin hydrator), along with a cocktail of antioxidants and peptides to boost that healthy glow.

This new tonic is even gentle enough to use in the morning, too, for a super fresh feeling, just make sure you follow with extra SPF.

Pixi Retinol Tonic is due to hit Irish shores at the end of this month, and will cost a pretty affordable €13.50. 

If you're a hardcore Pixi devotee or a shelfie-enthusiast, you'll of course want the full Glow, Rose and Retinol Toner trio in your life. 

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