Meghan and Kate stand aside, we're starting to form a crush on a new royal fashion queen. Princess Beatrice take a bow! Because you just crushed it at Eugenie's wedding.

Now that Meghan has gone all appropriate and dull (this dress being a case in point) we're on the hunt for a new Royal icon, and we think it might just be Princess Beatrice. 

Fair enough she played it safe for Eugenie's wedding but seriously, hear us out! 

She strikes us as a style icon in waiting. She's got it wrong more times in than right but over the last 18 months as started to nail it. She kinda gets to keep it interesting given she's a mini Royal who at 6th in line to the throne is unlikely to ever have to take the reigns. Which means she escapes the American-tan tights, terrible hem lines and handbag tastes. 

She is the daughter of another unlikely style icon. 

Just look at mammy Fergie nailing all sorts of 80s glam with Princess D. 

Basically, we're treating Princess Beatrice like the little princess that can! Come on Bea, you've got this!

Don't tell us girl doesn't have promise! 

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