While many of us are long time experts in assembling all-black-everything outfits, over the past few seasons, the tonal dressing trend had us moving on from the head-to-toe colour get-ups, in favour of wearing our favourite colour in varying hues and textures all at once.

Then homegirl Priyanka comes through like this... 

In outfit that walks the line between minimalism and maximalism, the actress recently left a New York City hotel wearing a polo-neck knit, leather midi-skirt, wool coat and leather ankle boots. 

Nothing particularly ground breaking for Autumn, we hear you. But what made us want to steal her look wasn't the silhouette per say, but her colour palette choice. Instead of wearing tonal shades from top to bottom, Priyanka coordinated the top half of her outfit in a classy camel and the bottom-half of her look in a saturated red colour. 

The fashion term for this style of dressing (we had to Google it, don't worry) is known as a dichromatic approach and we're all about it. Priyanka's palette is particularly punchy, but we think two tone dressing in pale blue + rich burgundy, or midnight navy + deep rust might be deliciously luxe this time of year. 

Shop The Two Tone Dressing Look... 

Pale blue + rich burgundy 

Padded jacket, €49.99, H&M 

Satin Bias Midi Skirt, €40, Topshop 

Lace Up Boots, €57, Topshop

Midnight navy + deep rust

Wide corduroy trousers, €49.99, H&M